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What is Functional Golf?
Functional golf is an accelerated golf training program that produces one of the highest success rates in the industry.  When compared to traditional programs and using people of equal ability, our students have shown that after 6-months they are typically 14 to 18 months more advanced in both skill level and knowledge!

Why is it so successful?

The incredible success rate is due to the fact that it is a knowledge based training curriculum that is process oriented, not outcome oriented. It uses the Total Immersion accelerated method for learning used by the US Government when a working knowledge and understanding of a subject is needed quickly. 

The teaching method begins with “immersing” the student in the whole swing process by way of an “Introductory Seminar.” After this knowledge base session, students have a clear understanding of what has to happen, why, and in correct sequential order. They receive a copy of “The Functional Golf Swing” book to use as their “blueprint” to train with; then begin building their golf swing base on their individual body type, flexibility, range of motion, and learning style.

Lastly, the hands-on sessions use the Whole-Part-Whole method of training, where students begin with the “full” swing and master the “parts” as necessary to support the complete swing.





Rick Walker

Founder of Functional Golf
 PGA Teaching Professional

Founder/Author of "The Functional Golf Swing"

Rick Walker is a former PGA tour player and has spent the past 30 years as a PGA class A Teaching professional. He is also the Director of Instruction for Functional Golf. Johnny Miller, PGA Tour Hall of Fame member and TV Analyst says “Rick is one of the top 5 teachers in golf”.

Contact Rick at:  
Phone:   831.818.8010

Parker Hammond
Director of Instruction for PH Golf
PGA Teaching Professional
Certified Functional Golf Swing Instructor

Parker Hammond is a PGA, class A teaching professional and certified functional golf swing trainer.  He has mentored under top professionals including Rick Walker, Founder of Functional Golf.  He has helped hundreds of players improve their golf game and is recognized through out the county for his contributions to junior golf.  His passion toward coaching and approach in making the game fun has made him one of the best instructors in Santa Cruz. 

Contact Parker  at:  
Phone:   831.588.7545

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