3bays Gsa Pro (golf Swing Analyzer For Android) Reviews


You may hit the ball relatively straight from time to time, but you will never have the power you desire without letting your hip turn take charge right from the top. All these opinions apply to.  i preach to all of my players the importance of. In 2017, cody gribble summoned his inner steve irwin as he fancied his chances with the local gator. Has all the metrics you’ll need. The flammer golf training aid seemed to be which is designed to allow people that sense of your suitable golf swing. If everything is ok, then a production order can be placed and if so, we maybe should see these by mid may.

3baysgsa pro golf swing analyzer review
3baysgsa pro golf swing analyzer review

Don’t hang up your clubs when fall is in the air. If you slide your hips during your swing, you will hit the shaft. By using the average yardage you are capable of hitting, you can make a smoother swing with more reliable results. — at the stroke of midnight, phil mickelson would turn 48.  i hope this helps other golfers with their vertical swing. The only way you can hit successful shots is when your mind is free of technique and focused on the target.   specifically, torsional forces on the leading knee of the golf swing were some of the highest forces tested. It’s very important also… to understand that the lie you have your clubs set at (flat or upright) is the right lie for your swing based upon the type of plane you choose to swing on. That would be the point where i'm close to getting it.

3baysgsa pro golf swing analyzer review
3baysgsa pro golf swing analyzer review

But on a cavity back where you have removed all this weight from the back, for it to be made to the proper headweight, the cavity back has to be a taller head height. If you can't hit a golf ball such that it goes up in the air and forward, at the very least you should try to get one of the upper bays. Don’t try to get the club shaft parallel with the ground as this requires enormous flexibility and will only lead to overuse of the arms and a loss of power will result. Because if you don't open up your hips in the downswing. I felt as though a course had been set: i would play golf. He is also tpi certified and is certified in several areas of golf biomechanics. So that’s what it’s meant. Shaft, the shorter the overall length of the club and the stiffer the shaft is (within the players flex range), the greater potential for control. Let’s take a closer look at mcilroy’s swing to see what makes him such a promising player on the pga tour. “ah, i’m right in between clubs, i don’t know what to hit”.

3baysgsa pro golf swing analyzer review
3baysgsa pro golf swing analyzer review

The shorter backswing combined with the repeatable parts make the flat swing the way to go for accurate shots. For gold players and golf coaches from all around the world, here comes an extremely useful ios app called swing profile. Here we take a look at 6 of the most influential putter designs; putters that secured memorable victories and inspired future flat sticks. The major golf companies offer custom fitting programs. It is the angle of the clubface in combination with a downward stroke when you make contact that lofts the ball. This positioning slows momentum and takes power away. I scoured the betting sheet and came up with 5 players who i think could slip on the green jacket come sunday, specifically men that i believe should be priced lower than they currently are. Who sold golf videos on tv infomercials. Stance too wide is huge.

3baysgsa pro golf swing analyzer review
3baysgsa pro golf swing analyzer review

If you do this correctly (remember, practice makes perfect), your golf ball will be tight between the clubface and the ground, and as such the ball will have a significant backspin on release, making it pop up into the air. This shows how the upper body moves the swing while the legs are strong supporters or stabilizers to the swing. And that, of course, would then allow him relief to the side of the trucks. "stenson was always a worker, and he wore out practice ranges from rotherham to dubai, slowly building what cowen calls the "pyramid of learning"—basic fundamentals followed by dynamic movements, finished with power, pressure and mental performance. All good golfers, especially those on the pga or lpga tour, are very good ay hitting a lob shot or a flop shot. Record a swing of a player with the same swing method on the swing profile app then compare the pictures sequences with your own and try to figure out what is different and or the same. Without you my son’s baseball career would be over.

3baysgsa pro golf swing analyzer review
3baysgsa pro golf swing analyzer review

Golf suggestions, drills, video golf classes and extra at golfinstruction. There's no way it can be exactly the same for every kind of shot but you should endeavor to make it the same, if you want to play the best golf possible. In order for your levers to effectively give you a huge burst of energy, hold it off at an angle as long as possible. I had been suffering from arthritis in my hands and also from golfers elbow. So when you're working on the practice ground, try narrow down your swing thoughts, try and work on the priorities, maybe even speak to your coach and say, “what are the two most important bits that i need to go away and work on. Assuming he can stay healthy and productive, he’ll get regular playing time all year. Bat on the side of the shoulder.

I don’t like feet. First would be to change the search rule from 5 minutes to 1 minute. Kind of like a forehand in tennis or ping pong. This faulty setup is one of the reasons why golfers hit their shots fat all the time. Purchasing the most appropriate golf club is important to your game. It had the only snack room at a golf practice facility i have ever seen that sold a variety of green teas. Golf training software to eliminate golf hook shots. Spieth shot 63 a month before his first lesson with mccormick. When on the mound, a pitcher is not literally thinking, "ok, now i have to lift my leg and speed up my arm" – it just happens because of the body's muscle-memory from hours and hours of practice.

I love now, and i'm happy selling my awesome golf t-shirts to people who. This would cause his hips – and subsequently his shoulder – to be too flat, and he’d lose leverage with the ground and consequently lose power. ‘the riflemen swung along smartly’. Son of ronald and janice johnson. Here are a few benefits of a custom club fitting:  . Greater the force being applied to the golf ball, the further the ball will. Remove any residue from the club head with rubbing alcohol. It's been a frustrating day for big phil today. On almost any other club, getting pulled at just 67 pitches with an unearned run would seem a bit odd for a starting pitcher.

He recently announced his interest in running for the governorship of alabama. Also, keep in the mind the water hazard is designed to be filled up so that you’ll actually splash into the drink rather than plunk off of a blue plastic obstacle. However, his hopes of playing music professionally came to an end when miller suggested, in no uncertain terms, that wishon keep his day job. Dunne finished in style with four birdies in his final five holes. We haven’t seen many 18 handicaps (or 5 handicaps for that matter) that are level 3 bunker players. It's hard enough to get right as it is. Remember, there are three ways to add bounce:. Overall, around 25% of all golf clubs are made with a left-handed option, though even then there will often be a restricted range of lofts and flexes available in the left-handed model and most retail golf outlets will not actually stock many so they will often be a special order.

Quit the game for about 8 years and got back into it in january. If you're doing video analysis, you can use vertical lines to check these positions as well. And, it requires actually working on the right fundamentals. I'm sure once you get the grip down the instructor would then work on your swing path. Stress-free golf swing, you can learn fast. Reverse the movement and lift the weight so that your arm is parallel with the ground. Most are in relation to the tom tomasello videos on. There are a couple other minor changes that i didn’t mention but will be on the spec sheet at the end of this article.

There is one golf course onsite adjacent to the hall of fame. After taking a few practice swings, tee the ball up and hit it with a half swing. Woods, playing on a bad knee that would require season-ending surgery, sunk a birdie putt on the 72nd hole to tie him with mediate, who was in the clubhouse at -1. Shoulder plane, not necessarily shaft plane. Here are a couple of stills of my swing. A beautifully minimalist physics-based puzzler, it’s all about bouncing a ball so it lands perfectly inside a box without touching the sides. Which one of your five keys would you consider the most important.   the hips will bump to the left as you feel the weight building on the left foot and leaving the right heel. That’s how it was, and we all took everything that was going on at face value. Of course, now that your swing path is fixed, you won't need to use your hands actively at the bottom of the swing.

“practice in slow-mo and hold your finish,” describes the tai chi-like work necessary to ingrain the pieces into an integrated swing. Find a hole that gives you a nice straight flat putt.  this analysis helps to identify joint restrictions and loss of strength that steals your power and creates inconsistencies in your swing. A bunch of fastballs, folllowed by a bunch of curves, followed by a bunch of sliders -- or a random pattern. There is substantial evidence from dt/nesbit/smk that one cannot really increase clubhead speed by flicking the right wrist straight just before impact. Set up for this drill just like before, by taking your normal stance with a wedge. Many golfers tend to drop or tuck their back elbow and drive it into their hip after they start their transition. Mickelson’s birdie at the par‑five 16th, where stenson found a greenside bunker, placed him one up again.

Learning all about basic swing with jack nicklaus. I love your approach, the same basic 3-4 things stated a hundred ways because everyone visualizes and activates their own body differently. 4: putter in neutral position - neutral shaft keeps the proper loft on the putter face. Still some bugs to be worked out, but give me time. Where there is doubt, the ruling should be against the player taking relief. Promptly steps forward and makes the real one. Is our arms can swing freely without manipulation to the follow-through. Still, hitting chips and pitches with a square face is not any more complicated than doing it with full swings. They are also used on pga tours by professionals.

This changes the angle of the clubface and you are hit by the yips. The rotation of your body in the downswing not only serves to build power, but also to control the position of the club face and keep it square with the target line.

3bays Gsa Pro Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Easy to use - simply “swing” the gold flex back and forth continually without stopping at impact position, as if swinging to a metronome. When it comes to shaping your shots, all you really have to do is follow a few key setup fundamentals that you see me demonstrating here. Mlb pipeline rates guzman as the no. Carry a tennis ball in your golf bag and pull it out to perform the exercise during downtime. Irons are shorter-shafted clubs with a metal head primarily consisting of a flat, angled striking face.   their swings are erratic, the curves follow very complex paths, with multiple peaks and troughs, which makes it impossible for the amateurs to be consistent. Their only job from the motor program/feed forward systems point of view. ' my response is always the same: 'no, you can never swing it too fast. Make certain your dental practitioner is aware of your diabetic issues medical diagnosis.

And experience that one would gain through trial and error.   designer golf is now set to revolutionize the club fitting business in the united kingdom and welcomes customers from all over europe”. "i just got lucky," he says. The release of the club, or the rolling of the wrists, at impact, after opening it on the backswing, are all part of the basic athletic swing. Now, start over, but this time rotate your hips, sternum, and target-side shoulder left of target line and follow through impact. People have got very excited about this. This ensures that the golfer enjoys the virtual golf experience just like the original playing experience and enjoyment. The end of their backswing. Following hot on the back of the approach s20’s success, its advanced attributes ensure that you have everything ‘on hand’ to navigate around even the trickiest of golf courses, and it fitness tracking features allow it to be used all day long. Golf digest's best young teachers list, he was one of.

But now you don't have to play the guessing game. The galopante is more of a slap than a punch. Impact refers to the moment of contact between the head of the shaft and the golf ball. Edge 520 plus, mountain bike mount, standard mount, edge remote, silicone case, tether, usb cable, manuals. Must have the latest and greatest in order to get to the next level, but do you. Another problem that can occur when a golfer. Young gun andrew luck’s plush townhouse, walking distance from the colts’ stadium, is a commuter’s dream come true, while veteran tom brady’s sprawling estate is fit for a football king and his supermodel queen. Yes, swing a bat at a moving target. My history teacher in high school had an answer for every major event in u. The golf stance : how far apart should your feet be.

By that time miller was spending more time in the commentary booth than on the course. How swing weight is measured. Head path; face angle; club head speed; initial ball velocity; launch angle;. Opens and the 1997 pga championship won by davis love iii. Gibson kinghorn deep faced mashie – 40 degrees. But if you could reduce the downwardness that the clubhead goes but using that new angle of attack and your original setup, you could be on the magenta line.

After all, we’ve all seen woods make comeback after comeback following injury and swing changes. Allow your left knee to bend slightly and lower to the ground. At the end of today’s post, if you want to learn more about our indoor golf training system you can check out some of the information we’ve provided. Notice i don’t have to shift my weight, i don’t have to move off the ball. The tool will create the perfect alignment between body, hands and wrists.

A machine is empirical and not an abstract idea. Things to consider to buy a golf gps watch. In this swing characteristic, i move my backend closer to the ball, reducing the distance between my body and the ball. I lengthened my drive when i quit smoking, and it had nothing to do with breath ing. How to swing a golf club. A wise man without access to a skilled fitting pro would order a single club and try it before buying an entire set. From stem to stern, it’s an astounding piece of work that only a tiny handful of exceptionally lucky souls will ever get to enjoy. No assurance or warranty can be given for the availability and reliability. Golf swing face on view how dustin johnson’s freakishly powerful swing transformed him into the best player in golf. 16 preferably terminates in an arrowhead.

This usually isn't a conscious thought though, as it's pretty much been part of my swing forever. The winner of our list is the callaway golf 2018 chrome soft golf balls. The best way to tell is by looking at a video of your swing from the down the line view. Hitting half and three-quarter wedges is a breeze if you start your downswing with a short transition, then your arms and then feel your body fire before impact. Please try this swing plane drill and leave a comment below about how you like it.

You're probably tired of hearing me say this, but this, too, is how we are used to hitting a baseball. Am 80 years old and striking the ball better with the square to square than i was coming out of a one week. Swinging through the golf ball instead of hitting the golf ball, what a concept. I gave in and just "went with it", and i've never looked back. It`s why they say `i take a great practice shot, but i can`t hit the ball. Grip: natural golf places the grip in the palm of the bottom hand.

Swing it a dozen times a day when you can’t play golf, and then when you pick up a club on the course, you will be swinging it several miles per hour faster than before. Learn to hit draws and fades. Getting rid of that swing path should lead you to fewer pushed shots in the process. The golfer twists their hips and their shoulders to swing the club. Tip – bend point has a direct relation to tip stiffness. A new monetization strategy was implemented by giving users a few free golf video lessons, along with the ability to purchase any video ala carte or download the entire video catalog for a discount. After you can easily swing the club into that resting position, stop the club at the top. Prefer a low to mid flight. It is important to go into the club fitting process with an open mind.

Callaway designed this set with beginners in mind, however, i have found another niche for the solaire clubs. That’s going to lead to a big block to the right. Fill out the online training space request form to obtain your personal online training space. I think what i am doing when i. Keep your weight over the center of your ankles at setup. Address the ball by resting the clubhead behind the ball, so the face of the club is pointed at the object along the target line. Young junior girl, i was trying to emphasize the importance of the lower body in. Arc moves constantly with your weight. The same can be said of the downswing. Keeping stance constant, and moving position of ball.

He still creates a very good shoulder and chest turn to the top of the swing. So you miss nothing and can go out on the links and duplicate the swing after watching the video. Say you’re a high or even mid-handicapper. I was told that revisions are more difficult to do than initial replacements and likely to be problematic. Radius of the motion by elevating in some form or another. Everyone always wants to be comfortable by having suitable movement and consistency. 400 text and video swing tips.

What is your recommended practice routine. A little upright, but look at that form. Don't drop or push the club onto the scale. This increases the clubs moment of inertia, and makes it less apt to torque when struck off center. Despite the simple truth that any high-launch shaft will increase backspin, the stiff tip helps to fire the ball up in the air with less backspin than other high-launch shafts so. There are decisions to be made - do you want the accuracy of a heart rate chest strap or the convenience of wrist-based hr. Vireo-s3 line, which include a more traditional tee cup design, vibrant colors or a “natural” finish, and they are made from a combination of renewable and recycled materials –sustainable and more durable than wood tees. Yes, but are they legitimate.

Most golfers train solely to develop one stock shot. You already have a golf swing in place, for better or worse, so you aren't starting from scratch. This is what he states on page 3. These codes identify the "swing weight point" of the club. The ball must through the green or in a hazard be dropped, or on the putting green be placed, as near as possible to the spot directly under the place where the ball lay in or on the obstruction, but not nearer the hole. The right-side of the body rotates around on the backswing and downswing.

So stay in the dark a little longer until you can use the latest in technology. Also, find swing cures and faults and fixes to help get your game back on track. (lateral) movement of the body during the backswing and downswing. “this kid david johnson is something special. ” if he can discover this, it “might be able to tell us if batters are swinging with a more uppercut swing or not. This combination is what i believe is the most difficult part of the backswing. Plus, “once you get in control of your swing”, you will be able to straighten out any fade or draw that is moving sideways too much. What is, if any, the difference between the swing with an iron and the swing with a driver.

Again, his hips do rotate, but largely as a result of what his back elbow is doing. Remember that your golf ball should perform properly off of all of your clubs, not just the driver. Turn the clubface down (closed) toward the ground in the backswing. A variance between swing path and clubface with clubface the larger influence in initial direction, about 80-85 degrees to that and curving away from swing path. With a sleek finish, the device definitely gives the high-end feel.

Getting a feel for that motion and what they must do with the golf club. What are the best swing thoughts to have. How does he generate this kind of speed. Added another 500 practice swings at home using the same drill set-up. 26 home runs per team per game, shattering all previous marks. A niche range at american golf's online golf store, golf clothing accessories can add the finishing touches to your outfit.

3bays Gsa Pro (golf Swing Analyzer For Android) Reviews

Phil mickelson has apologised to hal sutton for criticising the way he captained the 2004 us ryder cup team. Tiger would try out the back-ups, and even practice with them to ensure they were to his liking, but (so the legend goes) tiger only used his one trusty gamer in actual tournament play. Go to the top of the backswing, and throw it along the target line, but in the opposite direction of the target, like you're tossing a small javelin. More specifically it comprises (fig. "i know anytime he plays here he can win this golf tournament," said his caddie, mark chaney.   we spend so much time building swings that we neglect the mental part of the golf swing. They’ve also enhanced the e9 face technology, and the weight savings elsewhere in the head means the face is thicker, and significantly bigger. Let the momentum of your swing build until we're finally ready to unleash it at the right moment--impact. Or just a simple piece of tubing.

And this 3ds version has that little something new – 3d. If your divots on practice swings are well behind the ball, it is a sign. A golfer that plays a golf shaft that is too stiff will cause far more harm for their game than by choosing a shaft that is a too soft. When the shoulders are too level at address position the center of your body is in front of the ball causing the majority of you weight on the left foot. Upon entering , the first thing you see are the tournament memorial items, like photos of past champions on the wall, caddie bags signed by tiger woods and sergio garcia, and other pieces take you back through the history of the tournament. Here’s rory mcilroy as an example. A lot of young pitchers tilt their head to the side when they pitch, causing their shoulders to tilt. When i was in school a very smart teacher once told me that if you work hard in life you need to play hard as well.

To me, mechanical was cool. The target practice gives you 4 circle grids to shoot for on each of the practice greens while the driving practice provides 4 vertical line grids to try to keep the ball between. The golfers who are willing to work hard on the little things tend to be those who come out with the best golf swings over the long haul. Many people have been through years of training and have still not mastered their swing. So true that review is very important. Glutes, obliques and lower back.

 because you typically don’t have any frame of reference against which to judge whether you are on plane or not, finding and fixing your own swing plane is incredibly hard.   very simple to remember and, no, i’m not talking about your eyesight. However, if you are going to use the lower body slide to deliver the club into the ball, you will have to keep that left leg soft. The science of the perfect golf shot. “that boy,” said tida woods. Before starting the program i was hitting my 9 iron 135 yards average. I show you how to blast your way out of bunkers and how to develop a sound putting stroke.

For groups playing from different tees (say white and red), the golfers on the tee. There is no denying this one, as it is as plain as the nose on his face. I believe heavily in the philosophy of providing value to the golf industry in order to allow courses to discount less, produce more profits and provide their golfers with a better experience. Therefore, i have attended many teaching seminars given by many of the top teachers of the world. "everybody's like, 'what did you put in that stuff.

All of that adds up to people saying you can now golf in. Maintaining your posture and staying stable is critical throughout shot, regardless if you are hitting a driver or putting. Baseball pitchers use a somewhat similar motion as they cock their wrists and fire the ball to the plate. Moreover, every motion benefits physically from a move aimed at rocking on the motion. Turn swing style, which is perfectly acceptable. Going into a season fearing the worst is simply wrong.

Even with all that being true, there are some valuable underlying measures of performance that exhibit predictive value for the future. Anyone trying to figure out the golf swing would greatly help themselves by checking out malaska's youtube videos. Granada faltered on the second playoff hole when her par putt barely slipped by, and ciganda's nerves apparently got to her with a bad approach on the fourth playoff hole.  practice some half-swings at 50% power and pose your finish at halfway through. To get another perspective on the nbs i decided to stand upright, hold my driver like a bat and take a few swings.

Some golf instruction highlights that any inside takeaway is bad. You swing with your arms locked straight. My mind's eye is trying to take the triangle back as a unit and deliver it to impact as a unit, with the left elbow down - thumbing a ride feel.  if you can get solid distance relative to how short your backswing is and can hit good, straight shots from there, maybe stick with that for the time being. The three takeaways from that event were that he looked healthy, he can still hit all the shots and normal rust was good rust. In a bat is helps squeeze the wood fibres together which hardens the bat and. Aim your feet square to the target: it is not necessary to aim anywhere but exactly where you want the ball to go on bunker shots.

Repeat this exercise on the other leg. Simply put: the right arm should be on top of the left arm (1) as you start the backswing, and then it should move under the left arm (2) as you swing the club. You can't hit a baseball very. Golfsense 3d golf swing analyzer on place 7. Primary spine tilt should be obtained in the thoracic part of the spine so that the sholulders were not unnaturally slanted.

Calm yourself first and find peace within. Another factor that you must focus on is your rotation. Make your ordinary swing while lifting your front foot off the ground on the backswing, then replant it on the downswing. Sure, you need good information, but how you use it in your swing is crucial to how much the information helps you hit straighter shots, and how deeply it takes root. Bubba makes seemingly fearless swings off the tee and trusts his body to do the job. When i was a kid, i would take my rifle and hunt my way into school each morning. Now it is the backswing of the player that determines the power transferred to hit the ball. The student can draw a line on the ground between their legs perpendicular to the target line and practice taking a divot at or in front of the line. Lol didn't even care about the $300 windshield i just destroyed lol.

Yes, because the 939aht comes with a 2. If you’re a golf geek and like to replay your rounds in your head once you’re done, you’ll love this. A camera crew asked leadbetter and hogan to come over in order to get some video of them together. I actually fund that whole program in the summer. I wish you much success withthis method.

You were hanging out with friends, driving a golf cart around in beautiful weather and improving at something that takes skill. Because i have very mixed feelings about the lesson and am concerned about wether i should keep doing lessons and trust golf tec (change the swing i have works so hard on for years) or keep doing my own thing. The starting direction is determined mostly by the alignment of the face at impact. Let’s look at how to make this happen. We're not talking about the beat up bath towel you dig out of the linen closet. Even though this swing characteristic appears to be an arm and upper body issue, it can be caused by lower body limitations. Guard against swinging just your arms. Make that two numbers: your score and your handicap.

I thought the same before i purchased it, and was skeptical that it was some kind of scam. When you feel comfortable with this two armed throwing feeling lets start hitting some balls with it. He continues to be a part of golf channel’s coverage of the nationwide tour and pga tour serving as an on course commentator, which he has done since 1999. For more information on the rules, or for clarifications you can contact dan davis, pga professional at thousand hills golf resort. Kondratiev waves present both causes and effects of common recurring events in capitalistic economies throughout history.

“standing over that putt on the 71st hole, i felt like i was going to hole it. Save that quest for later. Practice with the sklz pure path swing trainer. La russa told mcgwire, "the art of coaching is tough. The cobra max family of golf clubs offers irons, hybrids, woods, and a driver. Step i—collection of personal information. I'll do my best to respond but i can't guarantee. I searched for the perfect golf swing for over 10 years. You never try and unwind your shoulders in the down swing. It is worth noting that a low maintenance golf swing is not necessarily a perfect golf swing from a technical standpoint.

Can you imagine tennis officials restricting the techniques for strokes. Sir isaac newton’s third law of motion not only covers all motion in our universe, but his third law covers the golfer’s swing as well. I'm definitely still playable, but i want to do it as a bit of a precaution before next year. Golfwrx: great point, really good point. Keep those angles the same for as long as you can in the downswing. These muscles literally have to do a lot more work than what they typically do during an average day. Make sure the club shaft is an extension of your left arm. Corker had the right assessment of ivanka’s potential, if not the wrong position.  this allows you to make a nice swing and create a positive angle of attack for your drive.

Modern, total body golf swing action is essentially a swinger's action. Those experienced during the two different golfing conditions. We've worked hard on getting. Only 1 drop on 17 and ending with a birdie at the last hole. His golf swing was unique in many ways. I am must admit to being guilty of trying to follow ‘common wisdom’ without ever getting the results i thought i would. You can see that the ott golfer has none. A good ballstriker may have a 1-2* variation in clubface angle whereas a great ballstriker may have less than a 0. The strike quality should improve and the amount of sidespin imparted should reduce. The skytrak uses photometric technology that takes a series of high-speed pictures within the first few inches of ball flight which are then run through an advanced flight model algorithm to produce impeccable ball flight simulation.

If you swing harder, you risk slipping on the sand. For thy, or forthy [as. Another key to hitting for power is powering the swing with the entire body by creating separation. You can set up a 5 second delay, which is nice so that i can swing look at my monitor and then see it happening. Use the drills and instruction above to correct the error, and give yourself plenty of time on the practice range to make the necessary changes before taking your new slice-free swing back out onto the course. “only a big duffer swings like that.

3bays Gsa Pro Golf Swing Analyzer Review
That's not the first time jr has done some dirty stuff, especially playing against us....