Golf Swing Easy Hit Hard


All proceeds from the golf and dinner will go to the heritage center capital campaign. And for all you other readers, if you have a question you’d like to see me address, just click the link below and send it to me. You may take relief from casual water, ground under repair, burrowing animal holes or casts, anywhere except in a water hazard. Ingrain the swing during practice. One of the neatest features of this software based digital swing analyzer is the detailed report that the associated mobiplex software produces.   i may be limiting myself in the future using gi instead of blades. Now you can tap it in…just taaaap it in… speedputt is available for $9.

golf swing easy hit hard
golf swing easy hit hard

When you transition down, just before and during the strike, say the word, “hit”. The solution to your swing problem may very well have been to simply stop playing golf for a while. There may be others (email me if you know different. One of the most effective ways to train speed in your golf swing is to swing a lighter club. Tom brady: 'i've never felt better' throwing football. But, before we get started, let’s determine your starting point from the compression board handicap chart. “believing that you can do it yourself.

golf swing easy hit hard
golf swing easy hit hard

As for his swing, we know one thing about austin…. While these clubs have a ton of forgiveness they still give you the ability to change trajectory at ease. The actual physical length of each club is longer or shorter, depending on the distance the club is intended to propel the ball. But you never sensed there was any give-up or woe-is-me in him at all. In this case there is not a hand line club on the ground. He was one of the longest of his day;. This allows golf manufacturers to create a very forgiving golf club that is easy to hit high from any lie, but with the control normally associated with an iron rather than a fairway wood.

golf swing easy hit hard
golf swing easy hit hard

In order to create the multiplication of power and surrender to the multiplication of power, the focus must be on the swing and not the ball. The only way the ball will go further is if the downswing is faster but it needs to be in control.   by training with both speed and core training. Swing easy, hit hard and improve your golf game at laketown golf & conference center. A downswing motion that starts with the arms instead of the body causes an overly outside-in swing path.  swinging without a million and one swing thoughts going through your head.  the order of movement from the top of your backswing, starting your downswing is hips, upper body, arms and club. I am providing winter golf lessons at golf-o-rama indoor golf simulator facility in brighton, mi.

golf swing easy hit hard
golf swing easy hit hard

And, when he goes for it, he’s making birdie (or better) around 77% of the time. Channel lock videos - and from every thing indicated - the stance is open and the shoulders are adjusted to square to the target line. Distance balls that they have been playing anyway. Anything you need directly from strech plastic and pick in up in. It is a tiny bit deep here, pointing just inside of the ball, which.

golf swing easy hit hard
golf swing easy hit hard

Tiger's aggressive release of his arms has his left arm much further behind him, and the club is much more released as mentioned earlier. You can alter it by changing your stance, your grip or your hip turn ratio. Terry kendall who was a marvelous striker of the ball, allowed me to play practice rounds with him when i was still a wet nosed amateur schooling me by example. Bob toski has used this drill for decades, and it's still valid today. Certainly, golf instruction is in need of a change.

Of left forearm rotation (left forearm pronation) that is occurring during. Move away from the right shoulder socket, rather than my right shoulder socket.   this fact gives me more. I thought the first two books were ground breaking and innovative and could understand the logic behind the two models. > release too soon" sounds an awful lot like jack nicklaus's quote in his.

They were powerless to help me and offered even more golf tips i couldn’t use. For argument’s sake, let’s say you just shouted “bollocks” to that last sentence and that you see nothing wrong with utilizing a slightly closed clubface to fight that slice. Orientation of the lumbar vertebra - note that the lumbar vertebra become. Take a 2 minute break between hits. But how often would you hit a driver during a round of golf.   one towel can manage that until you need to do something like wipe your own face and then things can get messy. To the right (or left, depending on which hand you use). It can’t be denied that your short game around the green can make or break the game.

If i were you i would fix the chicken wing with the drill first then go back to touch the legs etc.  you have hit too soon. Shaq also got in on the chastising. A player who hooks the ball has a golf swing that's flatter and more rounded than that of a player who slices, leading to the exact opposite impact and flight characteristics. There is no tedious exercise needed to be done since the program relies on just better body positioning when taking a swing.

I believe science would call this. It is essential to turn the body round to the right and then back and round to the left from a fixed pivot. This helps you to chose the right drill to work on your golf game. Few things affect your golf game more than a bum knee. I had ordered a used/demo set however each club was in first class condition and nay a mark on them. The build material: since you will be striking a ball continuously with these clubs, you cannot overlook the robustness of the materials used, can you. Jack nicklaus famously used to aim for the centre of greens and take his chances.

Excess cupping of the right wrist (bending it backwards), throws the clubface out of square. Or perhaps you feel your putting could improve a bit. So that’s the second piece. Stephen drew is a guy who progressed rapidly to arizona, and his swing is remarkably similar to when he was at florida state. Anyway, i must commend you on your drivers. To try, big or small, the club moved the exact same way - on a ideal single.

She seems to have an unlimited number of lives. Here endeth my 2016 presidential-debate coverage. You compress the ball by hitting it. There is no emotion during the present. Look down i bet the club is almost facing you. It is also important to remember that your core training needs to focus on four catagories, stability, strength, endurance and power. You will probably need to register to see his swing video. He would also be acclaimed as the greatest driver in golf history. He may not have actually done that when he made the first move down from the top, but that was his feel.

Todd started his pro golf career in 1991. You have created a great product. Pga (shot a 64 to close within a shot of first place), many people don’t do. Swing center in a golfer). Front nine here much easier than the back. Should you really bend your knees as much as a shortstop. Golf datatech, a leading researcher, found that only 1 in 3 golfers ever change their settings. And the more you try to contain it the more damage you cause,” explains del carmen, who survived 14 years deactivating bombs thanks to his emotional control. Of course, the reverse happens by standing too far from the ball, as explained above. The average golfer in the pga can expect to earn $2 million fromendorsements each year.

Video clips reveal a powerful, fluid swing. Many amateurs focus exclusively on total distance rather than how the ball actually got there. Practice facilities and driving range. Many times, when we get into a situation where we want to get the ball in the air, we are unsuccessful. Fix golf slice with the pivot drill. Strong legs are critical: every great player has strong legs.

Weak, fragile people think they're scary and dangerous. Let these funny nypd quotes from my large collection of funny quotes about life add a little humor to your day. It should fit tightly but comfortably. Also as above, it's possible face is near 0, path is near 0 and strike is somewhere towards the heel of club face (smash factor will also be effected). If you love golf, but find getting out to the links difficult on some occasions, a golf simulator may be just the ticket. The heat here is not very efficient.

By leveling up or spending extra money, players can collect new skins and other loot as they progress. But a few risky folks believe this is his year, or, more likely, simply want a souvenir betting ticket on the nba hall of famer. Clothing that teaches you how to have a good golf swing. Simple, i practiced putting 2-4 hours per day when i was growing up. These are done by first taking a step with one leg while leaving the other leg in place.

Ie the handle moves and then the hands lag slightly behind on takeaway, is that a true swing. A shaft will accelerate the head much faster than the strongest, most athletic pro on the pga circuit. The next shot they want to hit the golf ball farther while maintaining a “slow and easy swing” – so they have a slow back swing and then to get a little more power on the forward swing – they swing hard at the ball. "often times, when people are in contention to win -- or even shoot their best round ever -- they will grip their club a little tighter to try to control the shot," eleftheriou said. This was my favorite little cleaner and it was powerful and easy to use and clean, but i recently discovered that the hose leading into the brush nozzle has a hole in it from being folded the way the hose is supposed to go.  you will have to resist the front knee from breaking, otherwise it will cause you to over-rotate. As a result, you compensate.

If you are hunched over in a “c” posture, your spine shifts into a position where the bones in your back are setup to block rotation.

Golf Swing Easy Hit Hard

"i am just going to go out and do my process and my deal and see what happens," cantlay said. Rather than bending forward at the hips try this idea instead. Visualize a tack stuck into the back of the ball and drive that tack straight through the ball at impact.   such is the case of learning a new golf swing. If on a pitch your shoulders, say, turn ten degrees to hit the shot, the face of the club has also opened ten degrees with relation to the ball. This is how pro golfers hit the ball so hard when it looks like they are swinging easy – they beautifully transfer speed from their body rotation into the club. Try something else, something fun, something you’ve always wanted to do or maybe once did but for various reasons (“growing up”. That may seem like a big sacrifice at first, but try to think of it as a kind of home theater. It started at the par-4 13th, where he holed a 16-footer for birdie. He enjoys playing tournament golf and has won tournaments both as amateur and professional.

As i set it to the golf ball, i normally address the position; i am now going to set the club to a back swing position that’s only here. An upper chest member is substantially flat and rigid. It helps strengthen your legs, which drive your whole body. He'll drive up to the green as you're back in the fairway hitting. I left my pitching wedge out all summer to practice with it.   if you apply more force with the right arm…(the back of the wagon)… than you do with the left arm…(the front of the wagon)…you’ll be in trouble. Pitching the ball in the. Would you please post a picture of this left hand grip.

Now compare that to probably the most extreme case of a two plane swing, and that is jim furyk. To do better, a discipline instilled in her by her parents. His concept was to use the front shoulder to start the shoulders winding around the spine. (keep this point in mind for it will. Storing said compact golf swing assistance system. And when the situation calls for it on game day, you can depend on him. It also is the smartest golf swing analyzer and will make a swing change observation based on the physics it calculates.

Golf is a competitive game of precision and patience. “even though i missed the cut miserably, it was still a very memorable week. Getting to this stage took some work. This full swing acceleration drill is one of my favorite drills of all time. The collected data can be looked at as numbers or in graphs, allowing you to see the development of your swing.

The aerodynamic forces acting on the ball are thus altered. Jackson’s “unathletic” golf swing, so we decided to wade into the waters of trump’s claim: who has the more athletic golf swing. Doing faster practice swings will gradually increase the speed of your body in the future without you even realizing it. It will also place your hip joints over or slightly. The shoulder socket--while the shoulders turn to 90 degrees. If he can replicate his tee-to-green  display at the memorial two weeks ago and, at the same time, fix his misfiring putter then there is no  reason why he cannot contend. “speed arm” drills, ingraining the feelings for each, before combining them into a great, balanced golf swing.

  he seems to have a great grasp of his swing and how to get it back when he loses it. By spending time on the range working on your tempo, you will have the luxury of being able to hit bad shots along the way without having to worry about the results. They're sort of tired and done with understanding all the mechanics and physics of the swing and just want to play good golf the way they always knew they could. He sat down more in the down swing. "use the same exact form and setup as regular swings.

Straight down on locke from ten feet over his head, and tracked the position. "but the more you keep doing it, the less soreness you have. Thankfully, you can prevent yourself from falling into a trap like that by taking a look at how i determine the long-term profitability of a business and its idea. I told him i would try to help put him in touch with some manufacturers. Frankly my round today could very well have been a 74. Ll, if you want to distance your modern equipment for here in florida, there is a very nice outdoor driving range on race track road, just west of westchase, and just south if linebaugh. His ideal swing plane is simply corrupted, producing a poor shot. I’ll do everything i can in my power for them around here and clearly they will too for me. Get an old iron, cut the shaft at top and fill it full of.

But none of that was true. Leadbetter golf academies https://davidleadbetter. Or, to put it in the words of hall of famer julius boros, the goal for golfers is to "swing easy and hit hard.   hopefully, it is the same product. Coming away from the ball the putter head swings a bit open on the way back, and rotates back through to a bit of a closed position after impact; like opening and closing a door. "in my opinion, no young player can develop his or her game to its highest potential if he or she rides around the course in a golf cart. It will take time to go from one to the other, so only attempt it if you are confident that you will be rewarded for your effort. When you really deep down look at it, we go to bed every night, get up every morning, stay here for 70 or 80 years, and then we die.

On extreme uphill putts, make sure you stand up slightly at address so your arms can swing easily under your chin without getting jammed too close to your body. The problem is the inability to release. Technology like we do today to dissect the golf swing to the nth degree. I purchased the stack and tilt videos a year ago and became a believer of the system. Train your best swing with k-coach.

That is all well and good – and no one is arguing with that.   the image is that you hit in the direction under the ball as opposed to in the direction over the ball. It helps a golfer figure out if they are squaring the putter face at impact, which is crucial to having more success on the greens.   if you can get closer to this position at impact, the club will stay flatter. I think they lack the talent that is needed to decide who they have representing this sport, as well other poor choices. Without that, mainly coming from the mid-back, this swing model places a tremendous amount of sheer force on the lumbar back.

Prepare your practice in such a way that it copies as close as possible the golf course environment. These and other vital tips right here:. The only way this is possible is for a reaction to occur before the movement. It works like this: you grip the club as you would normally but as you come down into the impact the club face remains open. The chesterfield villa at the exclusive madison club, which he purchased back in 2010, was put on the market a few times over the years, however, each time the asking price was a bit steep for buyers.   the proper understanding of the technical elements of swingweighting, as correctly disclosed in the article, is above all most critical in light of the widespread misunderstanding of the specification for almost a century. This driver is very easy to swing because of its light weight. He hits more fantastic drives at the most opportune times than anyone. Sounds easy enough, but too many golfers grip the club too hard and try to 'hit' at the ball, rather than swing through it.

It revolved around my hips. The best display of shotmaking i've ever witnessed - by far. What would be wrong with that. Your comment about maintaining lag is why i am focusing on getting my weight shift working better. Am i gonna snap hook the ball.   plus i know i'll sell this to my friends, i already sent 22 emails to my golfing friends. Buying the correct driver to suit your swing is getting harder by the day. Maybe denny alberts as well.                 this piece, if you can get these three pieces of the swing together, this is the culmination of it. When one reaches upward in any plane, three joints move.

I like to think that it's not just at the top where the x factor comes into play. Can’t believe they are still 10’s. Their level of consistency may only be 0. The reason why contraction of the left gluteus maximus. Since you are now trying to hit. As with sony's everybody's golf series (formerly hot shots golf),. Over swinging and inconsistent hits. I remember you saying that the other day. It had nothing to do with the x's and o's of the swing or where the putter face should be at impact.

Which is unfortunate because there are some really excellent golf instructors available. Watchface area of the back of his left lower forearm. This pattern continues for a month: great golf, great dates, but nights of abbreviated passion. (bruce lietzke used a cross-handed grip when putting and was very successful). I realize many of you only want the broad strokes and don't necessarily need to know the details of my a swing testing.

  seems to have helped and made my contact more consistant. Converting from 4 feet to close out the match 2 & 1. Whether you have a five-year-old son who likes swinging a toy club, or a 30-year-old who regularly reads. That’s the way he saw the swing. Narrow stance for the short game. How to hit long irons – the proper swing. Keegan bradley might not be a household name like some of the others on the u.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a low handicapper to hit a long, accurate, consistent draw. ​get two more alignment sticks or clubs and place one on your feet and one at the ball. In reality there are very few people who actually benefit from focusing on the weight shift in their golf swing. In both cases, hold your rehearsal finish for the amount of time you think it will take for your ball to arrive at the cup. Approach the yoga swing and reach for its edges with your hands. Great swing, question about the grip, i’m an 10 handicap and distance has never been a problem for me consistency is, my miss is a hook i never slice, is this grip meant for people that slid more. How is he so flexible. There are literally thousands of training aids for golf; some are helpful and some don’t seem to accomplish much. If you swing half way back, the tool should be pointed straight up in the air perpendicular to your arms. With the acquisition of glendale, clublink owns 23 golf properties in metropolitan toronto, among them glen abbey golf club in oakville, king valley golf club in king city, and rattlesnake point golf club in milton.

The most widely used grip is the overlap. Down swing movement back towards the golf ball, with your lower body rotating towards the target and you want to work on pulling the handle of the golf club down with your left hand and arm. When a cat is ready tohave its kittens, it may start to nest, pace, pant, and appeargenerally uncomfortable.

Swing Easy Hit Hard Golf Tournament

A launch monitor that provides accurate data, that is lightweight and easy to use for under £249. Whether you share this knowledge with hour granddaughter is up to you: either way, treat her to not one but two scoops of ice cream after your next round together. Don't dink when you can rip, don't make a shot based on where the ball is, don't hit ball to center court from back court, don't try to be perfect on rekills. Move your left foot 1 inch towards the target, followed by your right heel until your inside heels are approximately armpit width apart. It is a sure bet the direction of this curvature is to the right. Between a weak and a neutral grip, and he must also understand why a neutral. For example, most right-eye dominant people tend to aim to the right of their target. * next working day, if ordered before 2pm. Several motivations for temporary spouse-trading among the inuit have been suggested:.

As an avid golfer this was. Rifle shafts can have customized kick-points to attain varying trajectories when different styles of clubheads are used in a single set. As that pressure decreases, they stop coiling and begin to lift their hands and arms as a compensatory move to finish the backswing. The game is certainly difficult and so as the clubs used because it also comes with own terms and meanings. Put them on when you don't have time to warm up, when you need a little dose of imaginary golf,. Want to know how many yards you are to the pin. “practice what you’ve learned in a lesson.

Born in australia, anna broke into modeling at the age of 16. Thus, many of us assumed that if the club stayed on that line during the back swing and the down swing – it was a one-plane swing. Maiden's swing, passed on to jones, had significantly more rotation than today's players exhibit - generations of golfers have further refined the carnoustie technique - but its fundamental utilization of upper-body rotation instead of a full-body twist remains unchanged. I’ve already taken away a few things that really helped on the course from a thread jim has on a popular message board. The toe of the club should be very slightly up at address to account for the. Club fitting experience (every club in bag – approx.

Unfortunately even john jacobs superb instruction 40+ years ago still doesn’t stop the head down crowd carrying on this golfing urban myth which as you have rightly said kills beginners opportunity to rotate through the ball often leading to back pain. I said, michael, you're not going to do it. Your weight should be leaning a little onto your left foot. He says, "i have a lot of interest in the technology because doing things specifically for a patient makes a whole lot of sense to me. At 30″ it’s small enough to swing around the house without hitting the ceiling. It occurs when you are too young to take up. Modern address – the stance tends to be a little wider with the feet more square.  after making many of his changes, golf digest published. But if you want to play a virtual round of golf using data captured from your skytrak launch monitor, you will need to reach for your wallet.

The condition of grass on the swing spot makes a difference too. How should the left hand be aligned at the top of the backswing. I've recently started focusing more on flexibility and while browsing the tpi site i stumbled on a discussion about "early extension". Be aware that accessory costs like projector mounts and cable could add about $50- $200 more to your cost. To me, the music was the sheet music in front of me. — to watch ben silverman go through a practice session is to appreciate the dynamic nature of bio-mechanics and golf-related science. The sponsor of this content has sole editorial control. Note the space between the movements to see if they are the same. Next is the how the golf ball is hit, the angle of which the ball contacts the club face affects trajectory. Instead i contacted the local pga instructor adam aronson who i have taken lessons in the past with.

The easiest way to reshape your golf swing is by using a pole, stick it in the ground and make sure that your swing goes up a. (squarely)… that said i love the ideas that brian demonstrates (proves);. Your goal is to do the positions like i am doing them (i cannot do them better than you). ‘stack and tilt is really odd’– what swings are they looking at. As you swing back, make sure your hands are outside your right shoulder halfway back.   it is described in detail in golf lag and the compound pendulum. The reflex swing also called for a very open stance while ben employed a 'diagonal stance', both of which flared the left foot towards the target. Learn what your golf swing does and why it’s been difficult to achieve the results you want.

Question a large percentage of men will probably be able to hit a well-struck pitching wedge or sand wedge. Charles barkley has serious balance issues and his '€œbalance buddy'€ is working overtime to keep him standing. Spend some time working specifically on the performance of your lower body and you’ll be a big step closer to a straight left arm and a quality golf swing overall. The drive - down-swing "this slinging movement of the hips is one of the secrets of the long ball", august, 1927. In his race for the competitive allentown-area seat vacated by republican representative charlie dent, edwards won endorsements from senator bernie sanders of vermont, the collective pac, and the progressive change campaign committee. If i wanted feel, i simply went in and bought the 90 or the 100 compression titleists, depending on my swing speed.

It made me realize i was “squatting” too early. Holmes is one of the best golfers in the world, and he uses a relatively short backswing to get the job done. So we offer a more comprehensive approach. The only part you need to think about moving are your arms. The advantage of a managed swing is that you will be in a position to increase or lower your swing speed, in accordance to the present scenario, and yardage variances. The voice boomed out again:. (but some of them mention that chicken-wing is not always such a bad deal, as sadlowski proves for golf…however, it’s only ok if produced by rotation, not by arm swing.

Good stuff because you immediately feel it and that feeling transfers. When you combine the faster face with the extreme forgiveness in this driver, you can pick up a lot of ball speed, wherever the ball hits the face. That's not going to help you get any better. Because the right elbow is bending during the. Amateur champion bryson dechambeau is not just one of the brightest prospects in golf, but a man who has rejected its age-old conventions to devise a new (and potentially revolutionary) way of playing it. He would swing too much inside out and hook the ball too much. Over the course of the last 10 years the golf grip has changed from a more neutral position where the thumbs go more straight down the club to a stronger grip where the hands are both rotated more too the right,. However, if your balance is still a little off (maybe having a little too much weight on your heels) … you’re going to start compensating when you start to hit golf balls on your full golf swing. Heel when welting is imminent.  showing you several new golf swing.

The ones you did in the past, here and at revolution, were great. I've drawn arrows to show the typical path the club will follow once it has moved inside (anything more than just a little inside can cause serious problems). And he was, oh, yeah. Amazon prime for free movies and free shipping. In my view, good golf teachers share with good therapists the following traits:. With nbc’s scripted fare landing with a thud across the network’s schedule, telegdy’s offerings from.  they’re still hooked though (sorry alastair). All that considered, it was absolutely the best 3-iron i could hit. So still in the middle of your feet here, now the toes nor heels, you come back into hit, it's pretty centered again and as you go through you still got really good balance. Let alone pay someone thousands of dollars for the right to slap another worthless "level i" or "level iv" next to my name.

The higher the number, the greater the clubhead loft and hence a higher but shorter flightpath. With disc golf, it’s right as the disc is passing your body mid-throw. When that happens the first move down they snap back on to it and they lose a lot of their clubhead load or their clubhead lag. In fact, most of the swing mistakes made by amateur golfers can be lumped in to a few basic categories. Needs to be based on whether you think he's going to rise to the occasion or pull a gaylord focker. By improving involved for playing around what you see, can help you start to eliminate mistakes, therefore eliminating strokes. This will reduce the natural flow of the golf swing. The problems begins if you are not in balance when you set up to the golf ball. Shaft weight beyond the butt stop subtracts. Yet democrats feel so burned by clinton’s missteps that they risk overcorrecting.

But you don’t really need a can of paint to perfect your plane and path; you can lay down clubs, grip end to clubhead, or you can use tape or string. You can improve the accuracy of your charge hr by changing the dominant hand setting. How to hit draws and stop flipping. The sensoglove provides a solution to this universal problem by providing real-time feedback of the correct grip pressure at every point of the swing, from address through take-away, backswing, downswing, impact and follow-through. Best of luck with your question. Professional golfers do a great job of weighing the conditions of the course before hitting a shot, and you should be doing the same. "all i’m missing is a couple little numbers and a little bit of confidence," mcdowell said.

Tee markings allow golfers of different abilities to play together. He definitely improves his lie in taller grass. Standing, walking, running, sitting, pushing,. Wilson titanium golf balls have a high compression ratio, meaning that more force is imparted to the ball with less deformation on impact. A friendly and caring instructor who not only teaches golf the easy step by step way, he also inspired me to play better golf. It's your perfect swing you. Good players retain their wrist-cock through the hitting area so that their left wrist is bowed and the right wrist is flexed (reverse if left-handed), and both hands are slightly in front of the golf ball at the strike. Anyone to see him talking to no one. Best collection of basic golf swing tips, learn how to swing a golf club.

7,165 from the back tees, so these techniques will help you maximize your swing. They might then progress to using their clubs and hitting an impact bag designed for golfers. " in rory mcilroy pga tour, relaxation gives way to rage, thanks to the irritating pacing, obnoxious commentary and steep learning curve. That doesn’t mean you must host a party every week and it certainly doesn’t mean you let the teenager make the rules in the house now. If it is out of position it is difficult to start the lower body first in the downswing.

Keywords = "conditioning, driving, training, x-factor",. I doubted that golf's "truth" lay in the land of the ginsu and flowbee. What is not the path to mastery.   advanced radar technology allows your club fitter to monitor crucial information such as club and ball speed, attack angle, club path, swing plane, launch angle, smash factor, carry distance, angle of descent, dynamic loft, and a host of other mind blowing data. Many times, bad scores are not the result of poor play so much as of poor thinking. So, to make sure your timing is correct, all you can do is follow these very, very simple guidelines and you can also associate numbers to these positions and count your way through to really increase the feeling that your timing is absolutely bang on. The "tour" swing mechanic works just like arcade, for the most part.