Golf Swing Speed Radar App For Android


 i feel like i can bring my handi down to single and create more birdie opportunities if i can figure out how to hit a full sw with confidence. If the operator meets with opposition in the swinging of the club, he is swinging improperly and must adjust his swing until the club passes freely throughout the swing indicated by the are s in fig. Opening his clubface at impact reduced his tendency to hook the ball. "it was an overwhelmingly positive outlook from the players that played. As the nation shivered through february and march and saw it’s gross domestic product collapse as humans hibernated, president obama sought sunnier climes to ensure us supremacy on the world-leader’s golf handicap rankings. There are many wonderful training aids on the market today, but one of the best may be the implements of days gone by – the hickory-shafted club.   this is a good thing; it tells you that you’re starting to strike your putts solidly. Golf swing analyzers that have mobile capability are more convenient than their non-connected counterparts, but there are still some things to watch out for.

golf swing speed app android
golf swing speed app android

‘also afterwards, president bush opened a five-day campaign swing with a bus tour in florida. No problems with that process. His arms and club are fully extended, and he finishes in a relaxed position. How do you structure your practice sessions. The club should be gripped. By repeating this test lying on our back we have essentially removed the stability requirements and now have gravity helping to drive the elevation of the arms. Simulators are great for a family fun night or playing an entire round competing against your friends or simply keeping your swing ne tuned when there’s snow on the ground. This large pane of glass is angled from the ball all the way through the golfer’s shoulders and beyond.

golf swing speed app android
golf swing speed app android

Have not been blogging all that much, but will try to step it up a little bit here, as golf gets into full swing. She recalled that she was able to quote the bible from genesis to revelation but wasn’t able to stop drinking. I promise that you will not be disappointed. As for the rehab protocol, we like to start with some soft tissue techniques to decrease pain. 2 a lack of much hip turn altogether.   not saying what sean was saying was wrong but just -- i wasn't getting that feedback that i needed.

golf swing speed app android
golf swing speed app android

Angle of the clubface will influence a golfers' ability to get into a proper. And that compensation is being used to cover-up another compensation. That cuts out those all-over, loud patterned prints and semi-flammable fabrics. This is mostly down to the lower centre of gravity positioning that has been implemented to get the ball up in the air quicker than ever before, so sadly your 7-iron is barely keeping up with today’s 8-iron. Assume your putting stance and putt the ball.

golf swing speed app android
golf swing speed app android

One player performance center in the united states recently did some research on this swing flaw. Much like a successful golf swing. ”(3) so with our swing plane at the ready, perfectly flat, creating a straight plane line along the ground, as per the third basic imperative,(4) what can we do with it. You should also keep your putting grip as usual. How hank haney changed tiger's swing.

There are a million ways college golf events can end. So yeon ryu (korea, 16/1) – six years ago she made her championship debut at royal liverpool and coaxed her way to fifth after which her then coach ian triggs predicted she would one day become number one in the world. The exercise work miracles in strengthening the muscles being used in specific stages of the golf swing, making correction extremely simple after a careful study of the physics of the golf swing. Now you are ready to practice. In order to hit the ball correctly with your hybrid club, you need to have your left shoulder facing directly at the target. Hip clearing" action - i) maintain, or even momentarily increase, a high degree of. With any luck at all, i ought to be able to settle on a decent driver swing and a decent 3-wood swing and go out and play mohansic. It’s very easy for most golf instructors to see a golfer taking the club back to the outside or the golf club coming over the top or not enough hip movement or not shifting weight correctly. Of that spot and keep it in mind as you swing.

Taking the club away too flat or under the swing plane. Swing through, focusing on letting the toe of the clubhead pass your heel through impact. I have been using this method so long that when i walk up to a chip shot, i always see 1 part carry and the variable parts of the roll. The left leg comes forward because there is no ground for the foot to stabilize on. Set up a clubhead cover on the very front edge of the ball and to the left about 5 inches.

Free golf gps systems for cell phones. Let's check out a handful of key components of furyk's swing and see what makes it work. My mind is calmer now since it has been so long. Blog » pga tour player’s golf swing secret can now be tested. Since i have worked with jason on my golf swing my game has improved also bringing down my scores.

2 and 2a, an alternate embodiment of the training device of the invention is shown generally designated by the numeral 100. The spike in passing rate likely occurred due to green bay's backfield injuries, as they lost their top two backs, eddie lacy and james starks. Also, i can choose to trim after recording. Golf’s biggest names didn’t pose much of a challenge. I did miss 2 fairways and. By definition you didn't do the "same" thing. But that doesn’t mean lugging a bag around for 18 holes isn’t a chore. I'm doing this on the driving range, and i am finding that if i pre-set my wrists like that, and then rotate my shoulders back, i hit the ball a lot more crisply than if i use the classic one-piece takeaway with the later wrist set. Is typically rapid once the "bad data" is stripped. So how do you keep from rolling over on pitches.

This reduces the risk of injuries and alleviates the symptoms of minor injuries. It's not the score i care about. But it’s really the way herman gives a golf lesson that keeps his students coming back. My dad said pistols could wait. On the panel was mickey wright, whose swing was so pure that ben hogan once called it the best he ever saw. What if byron hadn't retired at age 34. You can easily say that the zepp provides a whole lot of information to help you improve your golf swing. The fact the green is the single most focused point in the world of golf does little to calm the golfer’s nerves. It was the last round he ever played on tour.

Regarding the lau quote on your piece about rotational. And with as much fluidity as when your left hand tried to control your mouse. The differences noted in these two swings have their root in one thing only. They hugged their old man, squeezed him as if they didn't want to let go. Again at the 2 second swing clock above, you see. Your shoulders have nothing to do with your stance width unless your legs (and you may be different than me) are attached to your shoulders. I am seeing another level of improvement happen as i re-study the dvd's and do the drills, pvc, impact bag, etc. I use myself and 6 other golfers ranging in handicap from 0. I do see what you mean about the neck tilt.

Where did the share my round feature go. 'stance position' and the width of your stance is determined by the club you are using. Transferring weight to the front foot prior to striking the ball delivers maximum power with the least amount of energy. This cignafies a short and brief pause. Except for the hour sean allows for his physical therapist. " and "in the expert swings studied, control of the arms and not the wrists appears to be the priority.

Spin axis and side spin. He then states that tiger woods tries to match this. "it is distressing though to have a president that, frankly, will tweet and retweet things as juvenile as that," schiff said on abc's "this week" on sunday. If it is possible, you should also try out a few kinds of wood and select what best suits you game.                 as he starts down, the angle gets wider and wider. Discover the breakthrough golf system guaranteed to decrease your handicap by 7 – 12 strokes in only 1 week.

And ironically, they printed out a size that was too small for me to wear, so i can't conclusively prove or disprove that. Turn a number of swing faults will most likely occur as it relates. The climacool pique geo block polo shirt also features a rolled-forward shoulder seam construction for enhanced range of motion throughout your golf swing. For a while i focused on keeping my elbow close and starting the swing with the hip slide, elbow down move. Get a good motion of starting with the hips first. In addition, the swing is typically a lot steeper resulting in poor contact with the golf ball and more frequent fat shots. It is, in some ways, his.

This may be difficult with harder. Martin hall demonstrating the mid-late. Finding a solution for that particular problem. I'd prefer to work with player a (apologies to any and all player b types. It promotes the ability to generate a faster club head speed and more distance. - the arms should swing in perfect synchrony with the rotating torso, and the hands. I have now built a long game to match those that i used to covet. If you don't have access to one, base your selection on how far the ball goes when you hit it with a driver. Woods after a birdie putt at the arnold palmer invitational in march, part of his comeback after missing a significant part of last year’s season.

Of landing (elevated tee block), the optimal angle of release changes to less. Replica omega seamaster watch collections already unveiled in honor of the winter olympics, visit ukomegareplica. Position, image 3 is at the p5. Hit good shots with a slow or fast tempo in the short game. Is your ball striking inconsistent.

Golf Swing Speed App Android

You’re going to hit a lot of bad golf shots but you need to know that’s part of the process. Determine the correct yardage from your ball to the green. If so, we are here to tell that you need to get with the times. “hopefully i have helped to make the game a little bit more interesting, encouraging youngsters to pick up a golf club when perhaps they wouldn’t have thought about the sport previously. This type of flight is created by the clubhead being held in an open position when impacting the ball with the hand & arm swing moving on an outside to inside swing path. If you are in the majority, you probably don’t know what a lie angle is in golf. As 1-woods are an important piece of the puzzle which is the golf game, you cannot expect to actually improve your game and lower your handicap without a quality club in your bag. But then again, there’s a lot of people that.

It is also equally important for the elbows to maintain constant. Way: with one swing, you’ll compensate too much and hit a low, hot hook;. The opponent is expected to escape, traditionally via an aù or by diving over the attacking capoeirist, possibly going into their own tesoura angola upon landing. You don’t get to the top of the game without being able to control your prodigious power, and rory is able to handle this pretty darn well. To catch the full tiger interview, tune in march 31 at 4:30 p. Each day of research on the causes of schizophrenia seemed to be fraught with interpersonal battles disguised as politics disguised as scientific inquiry. So the too steep of a shoulder turn in the backswing has probably been an issue for me for quite some time. The backswing (see reverse pivot).

I look forward to couple more 54-hole leads on sunday from greg. 0 from cleveland is a nice choice primarily for golfers having problems with aligning the putt, but it should also appeal to those trying to find a good putter for the yips (on account of its counterbalanced design). His mind was cluttered with these golf swing thoughts, and you could tell it was preventing him from making a confident movement. Here is a capture image from his book showing his. Concentrate on the things you can control and your putts will start to fall. It is visibly not as good as the carry. Though the religious following of miniature golf was not quite as rabid as it was during the depression era, it had developed into a full-blown art. Nowadays i'm pretty happy with just a par, because i've made some big numbers there.

Graeme mcdowell says the new srixon ad333 tour ball is a ” good, all-round alternative for the club golfer”. What causes a fat shot. The zelocity purecontact swing speed meter is another simple device to use, that is placed next to the ball for it to work. To answer the question from the title of this article, no, you shouldn't narrow your. "when you win the british open at st. They online casino have unique styles and. "some days, i wish i could put the pads back on. When learning how to improve golf swing, 1 must put in thoughts that a constant and powerful swing must have the ability to give the ball extended length following hitting it-and this will enable you to perform the sport to maximum fulfillment. - move your back upwards at your hip joints keeping your back.

Lay down two irons parallel to one another and leave just enough room so your putter head fits between the shafts leaving about an inch on either side of your putter head to the shafts. If you enjoyed this report, then why not join us at the “swing speed secrets” training and learn the secret technique of hitting enormous, straight drives consistently. This allowed for a bit of weight shift (although i still felt as though i was keeping still) and is pretty much how i used to do it when i was chipping well. Golfers that followed the advice of those to whom you refer got results, not because they added mass or pressure, but because they improved their mechanics, developed a better release and did a better job of sustaininig the line of compression and arrived at impact with more speed. One time, and then i kinda kicked his butt the last couple times we played. A real treat to watch. Correctly to capture these angles. Hit a few balls with each club, and take the video home with you for review when you have time to sit down and focus. The experiment was carried out at a golf driving range in south wales, uk.

So what’s included in overcome the yips. Ultimate question being-- can i become a good golfer with a pretty upright swing. This club was recommended to me by a club member (a graduate of the harmon school) who is better than scratch and uses it daily in his practice regimen. So what’s going on. I made the following statement in my original post-: ".    but then when i'm on the range, the better i hit it, the better i want to hit it, and then i start swinging harder, and that means my arms and hands have to tighten up to maintain control of the club, and then i hit it worse.

Dylan meyer, a celebrated son of evansville, is one of the best and brightest young players in the challenging game of golf. At the top, rory’s back is facing  the target. Another big issue is that the amateur golfer tends to stay frozen over the ball. Timing is great if you feel that the sound is becoming louder. To you, it will feel like your legs are staying very still when in actuality from other’s perspectives it will look like your legs are in use during this motion.

Intact lffw (plane of radial => ulnar deviation) and that there has been very. Many debated how effective tiger would be with his new, post-surgery swing designed to put less attention on his knees. Best golf training aids you may want. Living in melbourne australia i have little to none chance of ever getting to you so this is a great chance to improve my swing. Wife and i workout every mwf. It's not an intruction book for the swing.

Just practicing your swing at the range, in your yard, or off a golf mat will not tell you if your swing path is correct. You'll instinctively extend your spine to create power going back. This is a hole where i take 3-wood off the tee. This drill works on your distance control and lag putting skills which will be crucial if you want to drop your score and cut out 3 putts. Manner that the clubface will be allowed to become square to the ball-target. Once you master the simple golf swing,. I then took a further 3 from there.

This is different for the driver, where for maximum distance the low point of the swing needs to occur just before the ball. Once you have completed a repetition of this drill, start over and do a few more. More likely than not, you’ll fail to recover from your poor takeaway and the results of your swing will be disappointing. The hips cleared a whole lot. Butt weights make the grip heavier and that reduces swingweight. Each sensor is usually three dimensional, in some cases. You choose the golf r over a gti variant for its awd capability, higher power output, and real world performance ability.

To help determine the specifications you should look for in a driver, have a club fitter test your swing speed. The video below helped me to understand my problem and got me on the right track. 320 determines that the signals output from the sensor unit. I'm letting my arm swing very soft. " golf swing science proves up until the point release, the club head is accelerating. Further testimony to hogan's (and moe norman's) status among top golfers is provided by tiger woods, who recently said that he wished to "own his (golf) swing" in the same way as moe norman and hogan had. Some have suggested that this book is a bit self-serving by the author, but i disagree. The release is just passing the stored energy to the more distal parts of the system and it is done via consequent stalling of former links in this chain - i.

Presently, we are relying on too many modalities. It depends on how you look at it,” says smith. The golf swing has a number of “stages” with it’s own checklist of things to make sure you’re doing. The new crz ti-fw features a more shallow face profile and lower center of gravity to help the player get the ball up easier, the inner weighting produces low spin while the cg promotes a higher launch. ”mark is a good guy from a great family.

In reality, golf incorporates cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and even balance and coordination. That is what would happen if a. Someday, michelle would like to get her ph. Thing to realise is that, if we are going to be pulling upwards, at some point. With your fairway woods in hand, you should be looking to ‘cover’ the ball. Swing so the golfer can make good contact with the ball and keep it in play. Our sport sensors golf swing speed radar gives you a chance to perform golf swing speed analysis for less than $100. Get in a groove and concentrate much at all. Keeping penalty strokes off of your scorecard is one of the most important things you can do in the pursuit of low scores.

13’ — the section of philippians that reads: “i can do everything through him who gives me strength. In several ways, psychologically speaking, it is similar to making to your website through the stock game jungle for the pot of gold in the bottom with the proverbial rainbow.  these golfers are built to move this way. Hitting both of these targets means that you have totally controlled your ball flight, and you have hit a shot that would play nicely out on the course. Perfecting your golf swing step by step. We talked about it when we looked at his golf swing from down the line in the members vault. That would give consistent high-face impact.

I’ve watched all the pitching videos, and three of them very recently; you mentioned using the sand wedge, and perhaps the lob wedge as an alternative. Swingweight matching your driver, with a 60 gram shaft, to your. (that in itself is a lesson: attack your weak spots first. Com/************************cheap nfl jerseys usa*********************************************************. As i illustrated in the above pictures, generally speaking, an inside to out.

Clad in his customary sunday red, woods constructed a copybook birdie at the first to signal that saturday’s misadventures, when he carded a frustrating and unsatisfactory 72, were well and truly behind him. And that’s how i assess every students swing needs. This will throw your swing off plane, resulting in a steep approach to the ball. The one component of the golf swing that is not subject to individual interpretation is acceleration. So, the question on everyone's mind is probably: why do i need a personal launch monitor. Yes, depending on what numbe r they are. Pitched on for my 5th stroke and two putted for a triple bogey. Someone who carries a players bag of clubs and/or assists a player with advice and the details of play. For the professionals the pelvis reaches peak rotational speed first, than thorax, followed by arm and finally the club. You'll make up for it with a faster release.

So for every increase in ball speed, the more the ball was going to carry. (hey i think i will do a blog about dog dreams, i better jot that idea down,) if you have read this far, you are likely wondering what has caused me to want to break the morning peace with screams. Well after kicking around this site for 2 years i finally pulled the trigger.

Golf Swing Speed Radar App For Android

Here are the indicator lights on the sensor:. Don’t forget to ask about our breakfast menu, which features delicious dishes that will get your day started right. Ball from a range that a 4 year old could make and if he makes it, he. Putts will reach the hole on line. Parents can send one-way messages to the child to communicate without having to pick up the phone. The new three-step folding system makes folding and unfolding a smooth, simple effort. There are no download/membership fees. The ball dropped for an eagle, and lundquist shouted, "it's wonderful. At the moment, swingoil is being marketed as a golf specific supplement. As i stood on the seventeenth tee of this round, i was frustrated, upset, and nearly felt like crying.

 for example, if the hips are not able to rotate properly the body is going to overcompensate in another spot to deliver a swing. “robots are not good for heads when it comes to sound/feel, adjustability, workability, left/right directional tendencies, shapes, and visual aspects of setup like face angle, crown decals etc. Td wrote-: "early pf and supination is pretty obvious post-secret. " because people do the exact same stupid things with their golf swing. This modern mythology serves as an object lesson to all avid golfers in the northeast. Ok i'll be honest, my driver was fullish swing but not caveman style. With the 3bays, gsa and putt analyzer make you into a golf pro. Swing to the top and on the way down move your left foot back to its original position.

“the only sure rule in golf is – he who has the fastest cart never has to play from a bad lie. Cure over the top golf swing. The golfsense has an msrp of $129. Even a purely struck wedge shot can cause the ball to compress against sharp wedge grooves and scuff. Houston, but the deal fell through. This creates more golf swing speed. A few years later, when he won his first masters in 1949, sam inadvertently began one of the great traditions in sports when he took a shine to the green blazers worn by the members at augusta national and was given one as tournament champion. In golf, practice doesn't make perfect. If you’re a two-plane swinger, keep the following golf tips in mind:. ''reality starts to set in,'' o'meara said.

Good contact requires a repeatable swing. We are ending off our list for the best golf training aids with our final pick, the golf grip training aid. The p3proswing golf swing analysis software measures the speed of your swing as the club head crosses the sensor rows. This device provides a solid barricade which will be struck by the club head if it follows an improper outside-in swing path but it does not train the golfer that the club head should follow a straight line in the beginning of the backswing. I would go to the range with all these changes i was wanting to work on, top a few balls, and immediately revert to my old swing because it was too embarrassing to not hit the ball. How to increase your golf swing speed – swing man golf is backed with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. This greatly decreases the spin making the shot. With that in mind, it is important to think about how you are going to generate the best possible rotation through the ball. Golf swings come in all shapes and sizes.

Hand controlled pivot system --. This strangle-hold on the golf club causes the forearms to be tense which in turn causes all of the muscles in the body to become too tight, resulting in poor rhythm and timing. It took me some time and no small amount of force to get both pieces in place. He often said "i'm the only player who plays in a straight line. By the 1890s women had adopted a more practical approach to golf clothing. I started golf with all junk bladed clubs, then moved onto ping isi's (red dot) and played those irons for about 6 years.   i couldn’t find a video of the drill that helped me so i will verbally explain it. But start with these for now then add others later on. I slowed right down, consulted this forum and am happy to report that the advice given helped enormously and helped me get my pick hold a bit more sorted which has made a difference to my rhythm as well. I’m going to put my feet together, and then i’m going to take a step forward and then swing all the way on through.

  to learn in person, sign up for my next golf instruction clinic on july 12th from 5 to 6pm,. I think you want to use leverage and kind of quiet your body down so the arc and club head can swing and accelerate. Stenzek was hoping for a driver update to resolve the issue, it appears that won't be happening any time soon. Or maybe you have a more unconventional approach like jim furyk. Do not make an attempt to keep pushing the ball back farther and farther, this will make you shift your body off of the ball.

Analysis includes club and ball speed, face position on contact, swing plane, ball spin and even a smash factor or efficiency ratio after every shot. At the top, this creates that hogan "cup" in my wrist. Titleist 2018 velocity golf ball review. We’re in the business of helping golfers and we plan to stay in business for a very long time. On the other hand, most of the golfing public, when they swing down, their body moves out of the way and leaves the club behind them and open.   so finding and using an effective swing thought that results in a rhythmic swing should be a priority.  for example, a “hitter” should probably not use a “dual-horizontal” hinge action (i know, this doesn’t make any sense now, but it will in due time. All right, so i’ve done my practice reps, i’m going to try to recreate that same feeling in a real swing. But for those who suffer from a bullet slice / involuntary fused and often uncontrollable flight plan, it is so that the meal begins and the ball flies … away from the curve to the right to any danger or obstruction the design of the course included to punish errant golfer. Be balanced, stretch the opposing hip rotators.

This may not make sense at first but consider the golf instructor and golf swing coach to be the same person, only at different phases of the instruction process. An increase on one mile per hour will send a golf ball 2. Well if you had asked ben hogan he’d have looked you right square in the eye just to make absolutely sure that you were paying attention and he would have said…. When you swing too hard into the wind, you will generate more backspin and send the ball higher, which in turn will sacrifice your distance. That was the beginning of his self-taught and quirky brand of bubba golf: the place where he first learned how to visualize and shape shots better than any player of his generation. I typically lose by 1-2 strokes per round. This season there are a couple of new contenders in the yearly battle for the computer golf crown. Of course, physical fitness is good for countless other areas of your life as well, not just your golf game.

This narrower version of the stance allows your body to make a bigger, longer coil. It a goodpractice that you shift your weight by the time of swing and aim your left knee at the ball and top ofthe swing and aim your right knee at the ball through impact. What people are saying about our golf camps:. At the recreational level, improving your performance on the greens is mostly about limiting three putts, and making a few more putts inside of 10 feet. Barkley made six straight all-star appearances and guided his squad to several strong post-season showings during his eight-year tenure with the sixers. Over and over the same thing happens consistently.   this means you want to create a longer follow through than backswing. I suggest researching for comments online from people who are in a similar swing speed and have used that shaft.

They talk about pro's spinning out and they hit it right. You know what that tells me. So let's call it for today. Try making swings in slow motion at first, fully concentrating on completing your turn. Long ago of the threat to his reign, the man who defeated him on the final holes of both the masters and the british open last year. If that wasn't enough, you can create your own golf holes with an editor feature. All pictures were taken at ocean trails golf club, which is now trump national golf club los angeles, in rancho palos verdes. I said i was amazed he had played with so few clubs.

Her mother, sandy, was a decorated club champion who introduced her daughter to the sport when she was six years old. However, if you lock-in a square clubface alignment during your setup proceedings you have a 100 percent chance of hitting your ball as straight-as-an-arrow directly to your target. 127 apparatus of the present embodiment is illustrated in an overhead view of. If you arrive at the top out of position, it won't matter how much you try to pull the club down to the inside – it just isn't going to happen. Do that and you'll create a swing that will help you dramatically cut strokes from your golf handicap.

α (shown in the graph above) begins at a swing angle of around. Don't take it personally, just sit back and enjoy the writings of your better. Yesterday i ordered two speed stiks by mistake when i only meant to order one. My name is steve and i have been passionate about golf for 7 years now. Here, we get the smash-7 from the 49ers out of slot formation, with a two-back pistol alignment in the backfield. Book v golf swing illustrated mechanical principles used in the seymour dunn theory of the golf swing illustration 10 the orthodox grip page 154. Our conclusion:  hovering may help you improve your game. 19) and the hands placement guide (. Fass also noted that aside from giving tour players instant feedback on every swing in a lightweight, easy-to-use package, wearable technology could play a role in the golf fan experience in the not too-distant future. This advice is all well and good, but where’s the data to back it up.

”) unsurprisingly, nixon eventually gave up golf entirely and supposedly called it a “game for lazy bastards. “so i'm going to have to make some changes. Let me tell you, even if you’ve read everything out there on improving your golf (like i have. Do you know what your golf impact position looks like currently. Legs and body fling the club thru the shot. In full ˈswing at the height of something such as an event, a party, an election, etc.

Like most other major sports outlets, pga also posts updates on their twitter and facebook. I do honestly believe game golf will revolutionize the game of golf as we know and love it today and it’s only going to get better. Sent in my driver and 3 wood on a monday, had them both back by friday mid day for my charity tournament saturday morning. Your best swing can become your everyday swing. Ideal materials for high handicapper drivers. Topgolf overland park will open its doors to the public on friday, june 26. Sean foley states that he positions the ball about 3-4". All you have to do to understand exactly how the golf swing works is to understand iron byron then relate it back to your own golf swing. It's gonna look like a wounded flamingo.

The pappas indoor golf & baseball center has been in business for over 25 years. This is far easier to do if there is an actual hosel sticking up from the head into which a straight shaft is installed, than if the putter has no hosel and has the shaft inserted directly into the head.   he was talking to the young man, but i thought i should give it a try since i am left eye dominant and all. Pros swing the club on a flatter plane and square the clubface at impact.