Jackie Burke Golf Swing Video


With this lie, the ball tends to fall out of the sky because it lacks spin. So how can you make a simple fix to help draw the ball without overhauling your swing. That said, i have read and heard lynn blake assert that for those golfers who are hitters but have the look of swingers that indeed it is a total waste of effort to proceed to the swingers finish of the back swing. On plane extension in the back swing. C) is this a concentric, eccentric, or isometric contraction. When we focus on the club head we tend to swing it too much around our body ‘flat’ and ‘low’ and the left shoulder moves too high. Now do it again; bow forward and let your weight drop back. That's right – not one stroke better on average. Check out the example of fixing the flip at the end of this article. The son of an advertising salesman, he grew up in the north chicago suburb of deerfield, and learned at exmoor country club under jim hardy, the former pga tour player and now well-known instructor.

jackie burke golf swing
jackie burke golf swing

Do it on a hole where there is no water short, and it may only cost you 0. Wrists/hands through the impact zone is that he is 'hitting at the ball'. She could see herself in psychology, a subject she's been studying for two years. It’s common for newer players to go with a lower compression rating, as they can achieve more distance and loft. Double dvd on amazon : tom watson: golf lessons of a lifetime (2010) [dvd]. ‘another shot cracked through the silence, and over in the trees the birds scattered. You see modern teaching is all about mechanics and techniques, measuring devices have become the norm and so to have teaching aids, just like these. And it will be as natural as breathing for you, since your.

jackie burke golf swing
jackie burke golf swing

''he had gotten to where he was hitting some horrible shots, but he has kept his attitude positive, which has always been one of his strengths. Bob prichard (designer and owner) provides awesome support and follow-up after your purchase of the hip trainer.   this driver is longer, i call it the "fountain of youth". The object of this invention is to stabilize and train the less dominant eye, and one eye only, to focus and visually perceive and pick the ball up with no stress and strain on the head and shoulders for a free mobile swing. This move shouldn’t be a sharp or a violent action. Three shots are typically the result - the push, the snap hook and the dreaded shank. Neysa was a national finalist at the 2015 drive, chip, and putt championship at augusta national, and finished 2nd in the finals. A "round" typically consists of 18 holes that are played in the order determined by the course layout. The same short, compact swing is needed, and it is an absolute necessity you "chop" under the ball.

jackie burke golf swing
jackie burke golf swing

1st and is going to discuss the vertical drop in the full swing. Played high school matches at torrey pines. (if you are unsure as to why this is so, check out my video on nearest point of relief here. Watch the video below (or read the video summary beneath it) for a step-by-step guide to creating great golf posture. " so if i'm playing in a tournament, maybe that will be my go-to look. I wish you well and do hope more and more mediocre golfers read them and improve. The cutting suite mixdown service. My personal opinion is that if one were willing to devote the time to learning the method, they could develop a very effective and easily repeatable golf swing; from the driver down through the putter. He was struggling with starting the ball online with the putter.

jackie burke golf swing
jackie burke golf swing

Maybe some players can get their body movements to respond perfectly to their arm swing. Most others will require building strength, or working on form. Improper timing during the transition of the golf swing can lead to a flawed golf swing. He is both that, and then some more, but the question still remains about the next stage in his career. Recommend this small degree of pelvic sway action during the takeaway.

jackie burke golf swing
jackie burke golf swing

Swing path and target line. The next one i would want to do is a hook and the following one a high one and the next one a low one. While their body is making movements … they’re not going anywhere … they pretty much finish where they started.  too much weight can cause injury and should be avoided. Since 99% of amateur golf swings are ruined within the first 2 feet of the takeaway, the laser path guide was designed to immediately identify any such flaws and start the golf swing on the correct swing path. His legs up under the steering wheel.

jackie burke golf swing
jackie burke golf swing

Full house - a game in which a player is set a points target calculated. To reattach a text block to its binding when it has become loose from its covers. “we’re two completely different people, but he has a trust in me, and we’ve enjoyed each other’s company,” says stricker, adding that he still exchanges text messages with woods, whose absence at numerous stops on the pga tour in recent years has been notable. If not, let me know and i will try to direct you to someone. In a four-ball match, however, it is different. Also, the stories about him wanting yardages in half yard increments are grotesque.   frame 3 returns the racket face perpendicular, closing it prior to contact. "he has done everything on the golf course that you can do,” said small. Hogan limited right elbow activity through the impact area, for the very reason that homer quotes in his book,.

jackie burke golf swing
jackie burke golf swing

With mickelson and woods out of it, the masters stage was left to perry, campbell and cabrera.   take a step with your left to initiate the footwork, then replace the left foot with the right foot in a low sliding motion, exploding forward off the right foot onto the left foot, rotating your hips forward to face your target as you throw the shot. Putting: high break, medium break, low break. A business on sterling silver jewelries may just be the one you are [u][b]tiffany[/u][/b] looking for. I've used those 3 swing sticks that have been discussed in another forum, but swinging fast indoors on a simulator vs swinging on the first tee during a competition are two different animals. Swing, but what actually is the core.

“i’ve been making putts and fortunately whenever that happens it makes everything easier. Do you complete your swing. As ben hogan implies, posture is what allows golfers to maximize their ability to use instinct in their golf swing. I know this sounds stupid, but how do you ensure you stay behind it. My method is to play it about an inch farther back than normal and make sure i'm descending a little more steeply on the downswing. Last week i ordered the pro-lines and after a couple of trips to the range all i can say is wow. You might even be a player who is willing to practice the short game, but you just can’t seem to get the results you’re looking for. And the same on her approach shots. So keep swinging the way you were to get it to 105.

Hardy believes two-plane swingers have to make more adjustments during the swing to achieve the same results as one-plane swingers. Is roughly centered between his feet. What do the world's best golfers think about during their swing. It also works on drivers and you also get your rise angle and other swing parameter areas such as the shaft lean. What i should have done was step back from the ball and start again. You need either thick skin or a strong nerve to escape here with your dignity in tact. The problem is that my body always seems to find a way to bring the arms back in. My life has improved in so many ways.

  just look at what they sell for. Untouchables” are usually touchable without penalty, but they often become “. Now, consider the first pelvic motional pattern - the. Aint nothing a lot real thing baby. Whether you intended to say something different in your original posts or not, people are reading it and trusting your words. This golfer primarily needs to correct his closed. The left hip starts to rotate while the upper body stays coiled just for a moment longer. During cold weather, you may notice your golf balls becoming a bit too hard to hit. 2nd swing golfcorporate office eden prairie •. A training aid for use by a golfer for practicing golf swings, said aid comprising:.

Hate the patriots all you want; i understand. Open start brings family joy. He had a very large amount of balls spread out in about a 2 or 3 foot area where he was sitting in one of the 5 chairs that dot the range. For years, the florida swing was four consecutive tournaments that the players and caddies could easily drive to: honda, doral, bay hill, players. I postulated that a lot of the early success amateurs were experiencing was simply a result of a temporary short-circuiting of their brain and that, eventually, the old swing flaws would return. For now, you are only trying to figure out if you do in fact use a flat planed swing. The pitcher is doing the same thing as a golf swing, creating lag and power by using. The fans, the players, everyone.

A table was set up, holding framed photographs, newspaper clippings and some of mcdonnell's pen-and-ink drawings. Approach shot is made with the intention of placing the ball on the green. Early set vs late set. I notice a lot of pros use d4. He revealed that for 45 days from the end of december to early february, he was in inpatient therapy receiving guidance for the issues he now faces. You should try to play with the largest driver that you feel comfortable with. I have a 917d3 set to the flattest and most open setting and still aim down the right side of the fairway to finish in the middle or left hand side.  a couple of nice controlled practice swings really helped me cure the mid round swing loss. The basics of moi matching your golf clubs. In his 17-year career that produced 434 home runs, a.

I couldn’t believe that he wasn’t still hitting. Their head over the right knee. With air deflecting holes for avoiding golf club skewing. The most frequent ball flight pattern of developing golfers. Playing from the rough is different from playing from the fairway - you will need to adjust the ball position, stance, iron loft, and attack angle.

Jackie Burke Golf Swing

From teaching varying levels of golfers, i notice that most of them tend to address it too far to their trailing side. The more spent, the better value. Pc: which other putter makers do you respect. Line then the golfer is using a high-track. Hopefully, your feet are set up properly on this line as well, so that everything is working together nicely. Trx training is awesome in that you can take it with you virtually anywhere. Now with your lead arm (my left arm) you want to feel like you are pushing the club away. To help with the full swing challenge we have identified products that will help you improve your set up, body alignment, backswing, forward swing, impact, follow through and tempo.

See also: what is the meaning of swing, golf, backswing, shot, pga. Golf club designers know this as well and try to help the golfer find the sweet spot by making it as large as possible and/or providing cartographical alignment aids on the crown. There is one tip that you don't see on the list above which you might have been expecting. Golfer's swing speed, either over-compression or under-compression will occur. Rory mcilroy's ball-striking has impressed mark o'meara.

Immerse players into many different forms of gameplay. You will keep your club shaft more parallel to the ground and below your shoulders.   the club is now ready for play. Look like a mouse running into a hole. The ball will start left and turn over to the right (for right handed golfer).

Although golftec doesn’t require its coaches to have pga membership, clearwater says that it is highly encouraged and that the company’s robust training program allows for coaches from a variety of backgrounds to be successful. It had enough oil in it to fry a chicken. What’s also interesting that the mike austin trainers will tell you that i don’t understand the mike austin swing. If you want to choose the best golf ball to pick the correct layer on the ball:. We believe that every player deserves and is capable of hitting the ball farther. To work on your tempo with the driver, the best thing you can do is head to the practice range and hit some drivers as short as possible.

Right arm only downswing drill (radd). It comes to her fidelity. X 7 and is very easy to assemble and take down. I can't say i want to hit it to the one and make it shoot right. Have taken golf lessons here at arroyo seco from joe cano for a couple of years. Below are some of the most common errors associated with learning fades:. Counting the fudge factor, rich scored a 115. Before you step up to strike the ball, you take a few practice swipes.

Incorporating these tips in your game can help you max out your drives. Ping go at it differently, confidently saying we make one driver that can be played by anyone. I will use screen capture images of johnson and rahm at the:. You can take this thought process and utilize it throughout, and implement it into any exercise to add the principle of progression, creating a more difficult golf fitness exercise. Performing extra repetitions of the style that matches your arm  swing path is highly recommended. "the swing glove does a phenomenal job of keeping the (leading) wrist where it needs to be, and allowing the body to just rotate through the shot. That is the whole point of feeling the pressure. This shaft gets stiffer close to the tip. After i’d emptied my basket i was left thinking that this would be a great driver for a player who struggles from the tee and wants a top quality, low cost driver that will help him or her find more and more fairways.

Flight availability at this aventura point level depends on ticket prices set by airlines. Summer and now, is getting in a little offseason golf with some. Apart from positive thinking, you have to do it on a habitual basis, because as they say, practice makes perfection. Want to put together an unforgettable asian golf holiday. Nobody was talking about lydia ko at all.

This is the swing you should have been taught all your life. Keep yourself relaxed before a swing so your joints aren’t tense or stressed and take a nice easy swing at the ball. During that time period, the clubface closes by. Right to be called a respected '. Change the path and that should at least start helping with the slice. He did claim victories in his native australia, but was winless everywhere after 1993.

So this past month i counted all the instructional articles in each magazine. Own golf simulator is sure to be a rewarding experience. Instead, simpson led jones to see the golf swing as a simple but elusive art. Steve aimed to create a new england-style course that perfectly utilized the rolling terrain, and he certainly did a fantastic job. Even for the tour’s third-most accurate driver, the shot was stellar. "does it hurt as much as tennis elbow. Rather, the balance we are referencing here is the act of trying to find just the right amount of right hand action to use in your swing. The clockwise rotation of the left forearm in the backswing was also stressed as very important in an instruction piece about tigers swing on golf digest online recently.

Ballplayers so readily will betray baseball for a round of golf that. Like casting over the top of the golf plane. Pivot your body (in the order of feet. A club’s loft is the angle at which the club face lies relative to the shaft. Playing your ball more forward in your stance will help to position the ball later in the swing so that the club head will enter the sand before striking your golf ball. So we see a player (usually in response to a hook developing) start to swing more and more to the right – in this case 20 degrees.

he finished five strokes under, three shots behind playing partner and new open 
champion francesco molinari. Who use a cf-arm release action, and it is no biomechanical importance if it. The golfer is applying torque, throughout the swing, to the inner arm. “glide” the club to a finish. I’ve got loads of friends and family here, the sun’s shining, the course is in great condition, i’m in good form – so there are no excuses. Do the short left thumb. Book composed of sheets that are folded once and printed on both sides, making two leaves and four pages. My experience with dan was unfortunately was not as good as yours, and he admitted he gave me wrong advice.

Fingers and used a body-contorting swing that required the timing and. Never swing at full speed; just feel the weight of the clubs and your left side strengthen as you swing back and forth. You can for instance damage your back by lifting a weight if your spine curves are not maintained but since there is not much of a vertical load on the spine during the golf swing i dont know if this point is moot. Mediate was the every man from greensburg, pa. 'hit at the ball' and he must instead ingrain the "feeling" of. According to a host of surveys, low-speed swing players are better off using balls with a compression rate of 80. You’ll never be able to hit the ball where you want, if you don’t know where you’re aiming. You watch the ball start down a. In truth, most golf swing analyzers these days are compatible with both, but you still want to make sure before you buy one. But transporting your clubs now is far more than a choice between electric or gas.

I do not feel that lee fully understands the mechanics, but he did spot something that allowed him to back his way into getting the mechanics needed to get the swing he wanted. Roosevelt’s contrast with being on horseback is revealing. Abstract idea, and neither has the united states court of appeals for the federal circuit. It didn't take me long to become one of the greatest golf swing psycho junkies who ever lived. Dechambeau is finding success with these bats in the bag.

Then he asked for the keys. I play off a 10 handicap but can never hit the middle of my irons. Having the discipline to control your eye movement during the swing will go a long way toward keeping your swing mechanics in order. A perfect golf swing is basically one which is very pleasing to the eye. Two blocks and angle iron were welded to the joints on the swing at equal points to make the shaft level. He's certainly not keeping the club outside of his hands. We stopped along the way for her to go to a hair appointment, and i waited in the car, pondering my loss of identity as an athlete so intently that i didn't even notice that when she got back in the car she was a brunette. That's the same stuff we've been hearing from players on tour for some time. How true for most golfers this is.

Now, raise your body rotation speed by 10 percent for every 10 balls.                                 here's what we're going to do for the typical rotatory swing golfer. In any event, we both tended to lose the plot a bit coming home, and i settled quite happily for a two over 74. The oldest member also has benefitted from your knowledge, and you. Whether talking about the baseball or softball swing, we need to teach our hitters to lead with the hips first. -elect rick snyder once vowed to eliminate the credit, but michigan’s creative industry has been reaching out to him for months now, trying to convince him to change his mind. Well, he's a part of it now, all right, his face etched into the mount rushmore skyline of baseball giants.

For this, you need to be holding it in a moderately strong grip without compromising the natural movement of the club along the swing path. Stand erect, arms out at your sides at shoulder height. As i go to the top, let’s imagine that i stop a little bit short of parallel as a lot of people do as they start their hands moving down, which is perfectly fine with a driver. Michelle was born in hawaii to immigrants from south korea, and started playing golf since she was four. Glasses even in the overcast conditions, bogeyed the first but then rattled in.

It's one of the biggest oversights in golf. Neutral (left), weak (center), strong (right).      panigoni, a pga professional, underwent back surgery in 2007 and had to relearn how to swing a golf club. We all like seeing the ball go in the hole and pouring in dozens of 4-footers is great for your confidence, but it does not replicate the challenges you will face on the course. I cant see anything other than change of strategy and/or creativity to take it further. The experts and single handicappers that shoot regularly less than eighty all have a swing that can be reproduced time and time again and that is the important to enhancing your swing. It is official that i cannot hit in front of a launch monitor indoor. Stephen cowan, nzpga – head coaching professional, complete golf.

Each golf trainer measures 48-inches and you can use them for different abilities. Full swing simulator owner jim furyk – exclusive interview.

Jackie Burke Golf Swing Video

Interestingly, all my shots started to fade. It is worse than just a bit of bad chipping or a temporary thing.   if you’re still trying to add speed with your right hand at impact, you’ll interfere with a free release and actually slow the club head down. This striking the ball with a rapidly moving, on the path, on plane, square club face. Lee’s putter was the key to the round. ) vinnie meola was a 30-something american who had been in hong kong for more than 10 years getting his former employer’s sourcing business off the ground. The product claimed to accurately measure my swing speed so i decided to pit it against flight scope.

By then, though, everybody in the game knew about that swing. How do we get into a proper shaft lean position. The shoulders should turn 90 degrees in the golf backswing while the hips will half the distance, or 45 degrees. Here is the good drill to avoid bending your left arm too much. Benefit if he can keep his clubshaft on-plane when he is performing his. It is one of the most common pieces of equipment used in the golf game. That's kind of the analogy i want you to think of here.

For some reason, this survey failed to display correctly so i couldn’t participate. Most people over-estimate their swing speed and buy shafts that are too stiff. I suggest that you use a mirror or high-speed video to look at it. For information about the risks, read the. I'm not a professional and just talking about what works for me for a long time, based on and sprinkled with information gotten from past contacts with mr ballard and geoff jones. "i make sure i don't hit the shot, or don't stop visualizing, until i'm fully comfortable with the visual. The new approach is to teach dynamics,’ dr. For us to generate optimal forces at impact, we will look similar but not exactly the same.

Get your vision and a golf shot in your mind. “we see a lot of golfers and tennis players. The grip wrap (see product on left). Now you can learn this game changing process in a two hour clinic with aimpoint level iii certified instructor andy thompson. If we all had the flexibility, instruction and practice with purpose, then yes, we could have a repeatable, consistent swing. It's cumbersome and i don't know how to do it effectively.

Johnson, a member of the spain park golf team, was one of the top junior golfers in the nation at the time of his death. If you have been struggling with your golf game and nothing has felt natural, and you are wondering what that club is doing in your hand , i recommend looking at the "stack and tilt" method. P8 position - when the clubshaft is parallel to the. [2] many modern sets tend to include hybrid clubs, which combine some of the characteristics of a wood and an iron, to replace the 5 wood and low-lofted irons.   all rounds were in the low 90's, final round i hit 13 greens in regulation.

With the frame, net, screen, and projector in place it's time to turn this into an actual golf simulator. By chance, is there a club fitter you’d recommend in the sf bay area who might have a set to swing. Mark brooks won the 1996 pga championship using hogan irons. About the author: mike pedersen is one of the top golf fitness swing trainers in the country, author and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. We hope you enjoy using this test lab toolkit, and that it leads you to try others. Dru attempted to hit a slashing 4-iron from an iffy lie for his second shot on the par-5 7th when the father was urging him to chip it down the fairway with a 6-iron. The book is flawed because it doesn't address in depth, just a brief but interesting chapter in the back, combinations of the three types that almost every golfer is. You're actually helping me in a big way. For just over $1 a ball i was pretty surprised.

I am looking at another similar simulator, but it seems they sell tape in their products page. 2 mm), we are proud of the restitution coefficient of the sle rule limit of 0. Check out the video and you'll see exactly where the catcher's mitt is located. In the end though, golf balls mainly matter for off the tee and your approach shots all the way up to being on the green. Multiple elements contribute to timing the perfect two-plane swing. Now comes a very important part of the analysis:.

But my feeling is that because the 3-wood’s head is much smaller (roughly 3 to 3. This is an excellent story to inspire you to achieve great things in the realm of golf. As a boy back in the 1950's i used a golfers grass whip made by true temper. His sequence paints a picture of what should be happening with the club during the backswing and downswing. With the conventional swing the lower body rotates with the lead leg.

The shot is typically 2/3’s in the air and ideally would roll towards your target the last 1/3. By adjusting your swing plane flatter the golf ball will generally come out a little lower and have a ball flight that travels right to left for a right-handed golfer. Since everyone and everywhere in golf kingdom centrifugal force is taken to be the cause for release we better come up with something good to allow golfers still to release their club with confidence. With a proper set-up and a commitment to a proper, full finish, however, you. My job as an instructor is to find the best swing for you, given everything that is unique about you - not to show you a precision golf stroke and help you emulate it. We had a funny incident with arnold palmer just after the par-3 competition at augusta; he had taken position next to me on the practice tee and muttered to his caddy he didn't know what he was doing out there. The club release phenomenon (representing the release of pa#2) is. One of the most important things to consider when starting to learn a golf is proper grip.

The shoulder turn is a crucial element of a successful swing, but it is also one of the simple parts that you can think about while making a swing. Rick (forevermore to be known as "snapper") carlson. There are certainly a few drawbacks to a flat swing as well. A brisk pace is required. Brought fame and riches to many, many men, and today it could be argued that. "what if i won the u. Start swinging, and just before you complete the backswing, stride forward with your left foot, like a baseball batter does when stepping into a pitched ball. So that’s the proper amount, we want to go to the inside of the right foot going back. The first thing you need to do is figure out what is causing your slice in order to fix it.

Here’s a look at some of the mind skills golfers (professional and otherwise) of all abilities need to learn and develop in order to take their games to the next level—here's lookin' at you, tiger. Following that type of intervention strategy, the unwanted forward leaning during the golf swing may soon correct itself. Why you need this: in this video, "ken griffey hall of fame swing vs. See which one not only feels more natural but also travels farther. The similarities are there from the concept to general shape and even the logo on the front of the face.

There’s no holding, it just doesn’t happen, it won’t work. Even if you don't yet have great control over your full swing, you should still work on learning how to hit other shots during your practice sessions. Most tour professional's warm-up for an hour before a round. And they will not fight each other. On the other hand, we can’t always find the brands we want in stores near us to find out how they fit, what the quality is like, etc. Choosing the best one for you is not easy given all the models available, which is why we did some research and found out which is the most accurate swing analyzer in 2016. After all, golf is a game you can play whether you’re old, young, having fun or doing business. These golf swing tips will help you in the quest for the perfect golf game.

Its a great game this golf lark. And yes, i have been practicing hard for the last few years to improve my golf swing. In 2006 it was rebranded as the legends tour. “they call it 'car-nasty' for a reason,” he said after signing for his 1-under 70. Other than a one-hour physical therapy appointment each day, he said, “there wasn’t much reason to get up in the morning. Most of golf instruction has us put the ball with our wedges around the middle of the stance and then as we work towards the longer length clubs, like the driver, the ball position moves progressively towards the target as far as the inside of the lead heel. (thus, although the ball ends up to the right, like a slicer's, you are actually swinging on a hooker's path.

) the arm swing illusion is the false perception that a big part - the main part really - of a golf swing is the sideways across the chest and around the body swinging motion of the arms, hands and club - originating in the upper arm joints. Trump is on pace to play more golf per year than any previous president. He wasn’t intimidated just because he was younger.   i just couldn’t quite see it on the greens. If [all those people criticizing the plan] had done that, it would have been noted that the lpga and the pga tour have almost nothing in common, except for the word golf.

Hogan arrived a day or so before the match, and pointedly eschewed the public relations opportunities staring him in the face. By combining the two biomechanical actions, a golfer will. But when harry nobody takes a swig of what he calls "swing lubricator" (a can of light beer, if you're new to golf) and gets heated when his approach shot rolls off the back of the green, you've got a problem. She never wants to be the center of attention and is always very comfortable in the background. As homer kelley states in 7-17 of his book 'the golfing machine', the foot action accomodates the knee action and that the heels should not be lifted off the ground, but rather pulled off of the ground by the momentum of the golfer's swing.

You will feel the back of your left wrist staying straight in line with your forearm. And that’s because they’re looking for power or that feeling of power to try and hit that golf ball as hard as they can.   the golfer’s swing will not be adversely affected if they engage in strength training. There is no need to let it overwhelm you, however, as you can just work through it piece by piece until the entire swing comes together. His swing looks nothing like weir’s or bads’ to me…. So in other words, your body and your club head/intermediate target are not necessarily parallel. The shaft is an important part of the club, and it determines its performance and durability. I wasn’t making crisp contact, and each shot felt a little chunky, but at least the ball was going forward.

Besides the superspeed trainers, they also have an inexpensive swing speed radar machine for sale. Golfers will place this marker on the ground 4 inches in front of their forward foot ad address for a mid-iron shot. So what does this thing do. Do not forget that it’s important you won’t step closer to the tee when you do your hit but merely extend your hands nearer. Nevertheless, the three-time major champ and former world no. Never be bothered again by the “first tee jitters”, distractions, or “pressure shots”. 4, and rotate the iron and wood window pointers to the reference d-3 swing weight. Try to keep your head still during your putting stroke. The left leg will only.

Do not try to gain more speed by moving your arms, shoulders, or wrists. Here are five steps to the perfect golf swing:. All this sounds easy in theory, but is far from it in real life.