Justin Rose Golf Swing Slow Motion


Even a 28-handicapper likes to do better than slice a drive in the presence of such a superior. Baseball, boxing or golfing gloves. It even features a self leveling cooking grate so your food will always stay in one place. That only lasted a for part of the trip, however, as els laughed and told marino that it was time to fight, headbutting him and then repeatedly hitting him. But hey, each to their own.

justin rose golf swing slow motion
justin rose golf swing slow motion

Pilates is an immensely beneficial exercise method that can certainly help anyone’s golf swing and many other aspects of one’s life. But we simply have not heard that people have hit the wedges too high. Laws and principles of the golf swing. Golf is a game that is all about accuracy – or, at least, it should be. View the diagram to learn what hand your door is. ) purchasing the dual hinge driver at the medicus site provides the lowest cost option for purchasing. In this article, i will go over some information about rehab, swing correction, therapy and how to golf again without elbow pain.

justin rose golf swing slow motion
justin rose golf swing slow motion

Two of these ball flights. It takes a little while to get used to aligning the line accurately but pays off quickly. If you’re playing a lot of golf with forged clubs –which are made of softer metal – it might even be worth having them checked more regularly.   if you were lucky, you might have had a video camera to film someone’s golf swing. Nyou can use regular exhaust pipe providing it fits and you can bend it into the location. The player who has these two and imperfect mechanics will outperform the player with perfect mechanics and imperfect visual and actual discipline. So the swing plane can be a combination of the movement (arc) of the shoulders, arms, hands and club predominantly. This is the correct sequencing, and the same principles apply when swinging a golf club.

justin rose golf swing slow motion
justin rose golf swing slow motion

Ten minutes from the course is a charming bed and breakfastwaterloo inn. Feelings and movement patterns that you are ingraining here will quickly improve your golf swing. All i will say is that after meeting with this group, i agreed to make a statement that would heal things. That's why you want shaft lean and to be able to compress the ball. There are four things that occur on the backswing if you start with the left shoulder:. In order to keep the clubface square and a geometrically flat left wrist (see flying wedges post), the following rules must be followed:. Nights, bone chilling winds, followed by a serious case of cabin fever by the. You don't pay attention to how others in the field are playing, and if you happen to see a leader board, it means almost nothing to you.

justin rose golf swing slow motion
justin rose golf swing slow motion

I actually like using slow-motion with my lessons. If you feel like your hands are being too active in the golf swing, which is causing the club head to move around excessively, try lightening your grip pressure at address. Previous student references are provided upon request. Aside from the shiny box, there is a science behind the best golf balls, and a high price isn't always a necessary factor. Gone, at least for now, are the back problems that kept the starter on the first tee at augusta national from uttering four words that golf fans long to hear: “fore, please. Adjustments are easily possible, when required, and make what seems to be an impossible shot very effective, eg. The 3 important things to think about when creating a golf swing are pace, strength as well as quality.   feel free to step back and gain a bigger viewpoint on that alignment; golf is a game of inches.

justin rose golf swing slow motion
justin rose golf swing slow motion

Callaway is a world’s leader in providing the best and high-performance golf training bundle. Yips is not a physical issue,. Tinsley is a wonderful teacher on his own and has added insights to this book over the years. Flanagan of ireland originated a new school of hammer throwing using three jumping rotations on the ball of his left foot. That drive's going no place.

Hailing from columbia, south carolina, the brothers have made more than a dozen videos in 2014, showing off their talents in a variety of guises including a special "glow in the dark" edition. Baddeley's swing at the v1 home website, and i therefore decided to use. There isn't any standard pattern in how every one of the top players contain the club and stand and setup towards the ball. I feel the last couple. Nothing is worse than starting a round feeling stressed, and running late is a sure-fire way to start feeling the pressure. I also like gg's solution for separating swing thoughts from your round of golf in order to get the golfer to '. So, let’s say i’m in the sand and i fail to get it out of the trap and it rolls back down to the same spot. By the way, monday was a public holiday in the uk and i didn’t get up in time to post – i was a bit lazy. I could not agree more with hogan when he said a great swing is. The belle of new york (1952).

This promotes a soft feel and high launch with low spin from your long irons. I plan on working on this over the next few days and playing with it. Great value and great ball (for most people) at any price. Toski, who will turn 92 on sept. I would make the drive from albuquerque, new mexico to spend an occasional weekend fine tuning my game with this gentleman.

The hc made clear that my swing needed to be slowed down especially from/at the top. Rotation plays a big part in how i create power in my swing. Ian woosnam's career in the majors tailed off abruptly after his win at the 1991 masters. Remember, there is no perfect golf swing, the perfect golf swing is the one you can hit the ball consistently and easily without breaking your lower back. The key here is the angle of the club face at impact. Why pace off yardages when modern a gps will give distances to nearly anything on the golf course. I found your simple golf system 4 weeks ago and after reviewing the website, i ordered you dvd's. I can't keep track of the motion blur of the hs video modes of the many cameras with auto exposure control. The easy way to learn to swing inside-out.  watching this swing analysis video will help you learn.

``you have to complete the golf swing,`` lake worth golf club professional merrill hubbard said. Once you have learned what you need to do, practice the [. Humming, and soon without you noticing the "whys" or "hows" your. If you're looking for the perfect taylormade club, we most likely have the model you want that other stores don't carry. All of these things, and a desire to revisit and improve my swing, resulted in a swing evaluation and a series of lessons for me at the golftec location inside of golfsmith in raleigh, nc. Practice nets for golf are an essential part of the game off of the field.  he still gave up a lot of distance compared to the newer drivers, but his accuracy and consistency with the older clubs was extremely impressive. No matter if you’re flatter, more vertical, or somewhere in the middle, you will play good golf.

He shot and printed hundreds of takes when making a movie, each one a little experimental variation. To the world 12 years earlier, huh. Bottom line: sessions are geared to learning. A lifetime in the golf game and the business of the golf industry. All recorded real-ear responses were reviewed and analysed. The difference in pressure results in a lift being applied to the ball.

The second is that your club face is open at impact and you have an “inside-out” swing. In the next major at the 1990 u. Remember you don't have to take a wedge upto the horizontal in the back swing. 7 cbs has never had a worse lineup of announcers for golf. However, mgs will also provide guidance and objective feedback to analyze their list and decide what fits your game. At that time we'll discuss whether you are a good candidate for the rest of the course.  did you try to scoop the ball in the air.

Here is a quick video to show you five possibilities for the greatest swings ever:. Golf swing hip turn drills improve your golf swing with these golf swing drills from tour sticks. As you set up your golf swing, your spine will curve and move with your arms. Good work mark my last comment was just joking as i know you are far superior to jt. The reason you lay the club on your shoulder when you start the drill is so you'll eliminate the upper body tension that can restrict your shoulder turn. When you are doing this stance, make sure that you use your hands to choke the ball and not your body. You gotta have balls to play golf. The golf prof is a resource center for golfers who want to improve their game and lower their golf scores. The good news is that you could find the right plane for your golf swing only with a little bit of understanding and ultimately achieve some amazing improvement in your scores during a golf round.

Once you discover one of these problems, however, you should investigate further to get to the bottom of the issue. “so this week could be the week that changes my life. I can then alter my swing to try and change these numbers without having to go to the range. For me it is just a non-issue. #1 - create a steeper backswing. If i am not playing for something that will test me mentally and physically, it is tough for me to get excited about it. M: ``what's the green thing. This fully updated edition of the classic eight-step swing reveals the best advice from the top golf school in america, offering a detailed explanation of the true fundamentals of the golf swing. There’s too much information out there to help you. For her part, mochrie is making an effort to tone down her emotional approach to the game.

Here’s some you might have seen. If those muscles are tight, you could get some pulling down on the one side of your shoulder, and while your left arm is try to pull the shoulder the other way, it's enough to make a pop. Steph curry: i have much less confidence on the greens than i do on the court. First of all, from physics or merely looking into a mirror, we know that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection. Inspired by the help of leading professionals. Rotational lunge with bilateral arm reach at shoulder height.

Justin Rose Golf Swing Slow Motion

  it’s a fact that, some irons are pretty good in one aspect, but fail to deliver in another phase. That makes it a lot tougher, because you can imagine my ball is here on the logo of my glove, and i’m coming down very steep, i have to hit the ball and the ground at the same time. If you bend forward to pick up something on the ground, your center of gravity changes by moving forward from between your hips and actually relocates outside your body. While playing the game of golf, the magnitude of the wind matters a lot. Double tap to turn on. Developing stamina is important so that a good round of golf isn’t ruined because of fatigue on the last few holes. “there’s a lot of things i haven’t done in the past, just because of the commitment to playing full-time out here. In this picture, you can see the physics in action.  i purchased my last august….

You don’t have that shot in your bag. When you have completed the separation phase of your swing and your hands are cocked back and ready to fire forward, the angle of your bat can determine who you are as a hitter. The key is to shorten your backswing. They must be trained separately in order to get stronger and more powerful to enhance and/or to display the power of the larger muscles and to prevent injury. With trackman, you will quickly understand why and how they use our data in their daily work. Novice and weekend golfers are plagued by hooks and slices when they are trying to drive a golf ball straight. Too often, golfers think the best way to hit the ball hard is to swing as hard as they can.

Learn how to share a golf cart. Your grip will simply feel stronger, and your hands will be able to manipulate the club more throughout the swing. What is the definition of fast. Clavicle, which extends from the breast bone or. That's ridiculous, and a whole other story. In your mind’s eye, see yourself address the ball, take your setup, take your backswing and then see yourself swing through the impact area and see yourself finish. Are trademarks of pinemeadow golf and others. Justin rose golf swing, slow motion, face on – 14th valderrama. Our mission is to provide objective reports on golf products and guides and other related services.

Tpc sawgrass, ponte vedra fl  . I bound up to creamer, let loose my most charming stupid grin. By the way, i figured out what you mean by “vertical shoulder turn. ”  this was a little unfortunate because in fact, a higher cor clubface does not really act like a spring. But occasionally it will fall at one’s side when the strategy of the attack dictates that kind of follow through. Unlike garcia, a majority of people reading this article don’t have nearly enough time to spend on the golf course to reach his results. The next issue i'm trying to resolve in my swing is that i block my shots (chicken winging. Always have a chance to hit 50 home runs. This is way too much lag.

Both use a bluetooth connection to your smartphone via an app.  first, without seeing your swing, i bet you are making a full shoulder turn. Climb the world rankings as we head towards the big summer events.     * in golf, some people tend to get confused with all the numbers. It was a long iron off the tee on the short 4th. Early in the backswing is a good time to get an idea for the swing plane that you are using. I am assuming, as aforementioned, that my balance has something to do with it. They don’t exactly come cheap, but you get what you pay for. Simple and extremely effective training aid. Round, or a pre-determined number of rounds, determines the winner.

How to hinge your wrists correctly in the golf swing. So, what are the physical restrictions that cause this movement pattern. The power is in everyone of us. But it was just a bit of fun, really. Firstly, you are making a slower, more consistent swing and you will achieve a more solid connection with the ball that is more from the middle of the club face.

"my heart nearly pounded and exploded," he would say through an interpreter at his news conference after his victory, "being so nervous, actually. Aventura points earned on purchases during a monthly statement period may not be credited to you if your card is not in good standing at any time during the monthly statement period. A: you’ve probably not been told the correct information about the golf swing. Ball along a predictable path when the axis about which your swing. With the trahan swing i shot 75 (three over) on a decent length course. When taking lessons some of you may have heard your professional refer to your swing path.

“your body dictates your golfing ability”. You have no idea how to improve your golf game. Known as a go-to doctor for injured elite athletes, galea met with cilents at hotel rooms and in their homes, providing various medical treatments. Husband: that would seem like the proper thing to do. Take your first swings on the range while focusing on making solid contact. Using the right golf ball for your game is a vital ingredient to playing your best. With a proper grip, posture and pivot on your hands and arms is to start the back swing, and swing the club. I take my golf game very seriously, and as a 17 year old 3 handicap i’m very urgent to break par consistently.

A higher kick point, which means the bend point is higher in the shaft, closer to the grip, can help lower trajectory, while a lower kick point, which is closer to where the head and shaft are connected can help increase the trajectory of a golf shot. Ultimate multi layered golf ball for the player looking for a tour proven ball with superb feel and distance control. Don’t try to hit the super shot every time. The same story was offered up, unsolicited, in recent interviews with ibarguen, williams and love. And i think the whole year's going to be interesting because they've got the same thing every week.   the golf course is a sanctuary when you are with your friends as it is just a downgraded version of vegas. The funny thing was, according to steve, every swing looked just the same. Golfers who roll the forearms open in the backswing may leave the club face too open through impact and block, push, and slice the ball; they must learn to square the back of the left hand by the time impact occurs.

By far and without exception it is the most useful preentation i have encountered in all these years. A few months ago i was trying to swing “easy. By keeping good balance during all of your swings, you will likely have more consistency in your game that you can build on when you start to make the individual tweaks based on the clubs you are hitting. While a good swing always helps, hitting the fairway is just as much mental as it is physical. Moving more weight around a club's perimeter was one of the first "game improvement" techniques in golf clubs: it helps create a center-of-gravity location and moi rating that are advantageous to weaker golfers. This results in a low shot that gets on the green quickly and rolls to the target.

Suggested drills: to correct the “over the top” swing, start with your club in position at the end of your backswing. With my blade 5 iron i can now feel that i am hitting the ball on the toe, however i won't stop doing so until i correct the swing flaw. Not only did he stay behind the ball, akins says, he’s still got some weight on his back foot – just like a home-run hitter. When you make contact with your ball, try to "hit" the imaginary ball as well. I have made progress in the previous schools, but not significant. To add the icing on the cake, this new report by golf. To always (have a video tape to prove it) uncock my wrists so early that all of the power and. He said that others may have hit harder than foreman, but nobody ever combined power and precision like foreman at his best. To potential buyers, the renderings appeared to be actual, existing products.

If you let your left hip slide towards the target or spin it out and behind you lewtting your weight move to the outside of your left foot and heel it'll be very difficult to hit the ball solidly. (no offence intended jeff, just that some of your responses are just soooo hard to comprehend). Firstly what is this "in-to-out". Dont let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.   in fact a consistent pre-shot routine is needed to.   the only thing the hands are doing is moving up toward the shoulder where they should be. They were all given the same "set" of 5 drivers or so with unmarket shafts. And as a result, you will have more room to swing your arms and hands on the downswing. Cannot perform this torso/pivot rotational motion fast enough when using. It does not take long after hitting the ground behind the ball that your arms will figure out how to shorten to avoid this impact condition.

This is the most overlooked aspect of all aspects that concerns the golf swing motion. This is a contributing factor to them hitting the ball so far. The front of the shoulders should sit just proud of the feet and again should align parallel to the intended flight of the ball. The opportunities are there for a player who can score. We'll look at every step of the simple golf swing method and i'll explain how it works and why so many people have had success with it. Too high and never too low and rarely show their frustrations. To solve the problem, you’re going to do things, that we’ll be discussing in greater detail in subsequent sections:. With my normal grips (lamkin crosslines or golf pride new decade multicompounds), a single heavy practice session could show appreciable wear on my grips. So, stop trying to slow your swing down for control.

Movement before the upper body has completed its backswing movement. The golf swing shouldn't hurt. First day of the tournament and creamer's playing in this red athletic skirt that's short enough to be worn in the hottest nightclub. First and second sound producing members to the body strap and arm band, respectively, the sound producing members being adapted to generate an audible sound in response to striking engagement of one member against the other; and,. The only reason that i brought up mr. Fix: keep the knee bend angle in your knees constant mostly during the entire swing. Error in order, swing path, or timing can result in a poor outcome. Data is sent almost instantly and playback was very smooth. Two, swing the club normally to the top, then stop. Some sort of "brace" (providing positive torque) is needed prevent the.

Firstly by the way you tilt your upper body forward. Chances are there will probably be a florida golf tournament going on in your area as well. It was a line from the movie. • and finally would you swing with souplesse. You are hitting fat shots because your weight. James dodson has played golf since childhood.

Justin Rose Golf Swing Slow Motion Dtl

The golf swing is designed to work in a chain-like series of events. So you can see, it looks more powerful, looks simpler, it's going to be more repetitive, and there's no change of radius of your golf swing. Both perform equally well as, we heard, is not the case with other balls. These muscles move the wrist through the regular range of motion. , turns a 7-iron into a 9-iron, depending on the degree of flip). Once the club is in this position, start rolling the right hand over the left.

If i am waiting for someone or the green to clear i will take practice swings then. My beginner's guide to golf. Casey also notes that thompson generates power from the ground up. This will give you the room to need for your arms to swing back, without having to turn early in order to make space. According to the usga handicap system manual, the "equitable stroke control" (esc) is the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player's potential ability. Remember, geometry and physics are the same for everyone; the anatomy of the individual player's body dictates the actual swing mechanics.

This locks in your lower body. This is the left brain (analytical) zone, where you can practice your takeaway, while consciously focusing on technique (ie: what body part is starting the swing; torso is rotating, keeping the club between your arms, etc). In another area of bowser's keep, mario confronts a chained kong that stands atop a high place in a lofty room and hurls barrels down several stairs. The fifth drop landed inside the permitted area but then rolled outside causing some viewers to claim that the ball should have been re-dropped. Stroke play (full 18 holes)[edit]. We've worked out deals with some of our area's best golf course to give you a tremendous discount off the green fees. The goal is to not have the quarter fall off your shoe, if it does you're experiencing to much foot movement.

It is very rare that we actually hit the ball. While your hips lead, your arms catch up and create power. Swinging more freely and on a better path, and eventually it will translate to your golf. Noted before, this report is anecdotal, not scientific.   i want to make it clear that i have no problem with any other patterns and admire great swings of all varieties, but if we can keep this thread purely for this method it's bound to help, as we all know how challenging a swing change is. Bad tee shot on a par 4. Shifting the ball position in your stance to accommodate different clubs will cause the design characteristics built into the golf club to change.

As he takes the club back, we see that he gives a little kick with his right knee. Which titleist golf ball is the longest. I always swing pretty easily and it flies quite well. Other than that, it’s been a blowout: a missed cut at the phoenix open (where he lives), a withdrawal (with no reason) from the genesis open (which he was defending) and a laboured tied-38th finish in mexico, again a tournament with a limited field and no cut. Additionally, this creates a very handsy motion. The reduced price and highly durable nature of the metal make it a popular choice for all golfers. The size of your grip, like your golf glove, should vary with the size of your hands. In this video segment, swingfix instructor karen palacios-jansen joins holly sonders on school of golf and she has a great drill to help you create a more powerful golf swing, and the key is to make sure you maintain some flex in your trail knee.

Unfortunately -- and this is why it took me so long to catch on -- it's the. The tarter you want to hit a ball, turn your body faster. Good footwork allows a player to reach the right position in time to execute a shot that has a high probability of success. He talks how the teaching of the golf swing should start at the feet,. By ensuring you have the club resting on the ground correctly at address can solve many back swing problems.

To collect your swing information, the analyzer will have to be attached somewhere. Then, extend the thumb and pointer finger of your left hand so they are off of the grip as well. At some point in the swing, your hands will, in fact, release. If you can practice chipping a amount hours a week thats usually enough to be tidier inside of green. Golfers can use the app to record a video of their swing,  then analyse it side by side with his. The screen also gives you a visual of your club head, the swing meter and the course terrain, which allows for more adjusting before you take your shot. Take the club head away while leaning left and not hinging the club head with the wrists much in your backswing. There has been a lot of hype about ping’s latest deviation into the realm of forged clubs, we’ll see if it’s warranted.

Many don't even realize they stopped the swing before completion, while others believe it's all over after the club strikes the ball. Do they want a lesson, or are they just curious to see what i teach. You may feel like the right forearm is moving in a motion similar to a piston in a car engine on the downswing. It can be done, but i find it a little harder to hit fades with this grip, which is why last year i switched to the next grip, but switched back to the overlap because i couldn't reliably hit a draw. As you will learn in these videos, the release is truly a passive motion in the rotary golf swing. Since you don't want to slow down your downswing to get to that ratio, we often have people make faster backswings, and they often add a little speed to the downswing as a result. Those opportunities started to come, and i like to think i’ve taken advantage of them. Also, play the ball slightly back in your stance. Auclair learned, a round of golf with rocco mediate is full of laughs. ) today sean and jackie have three children: molly, 5; luke, 3; and grady, who turns 1 in june.

But pushing the ball at the range, too, showed me that i was wrong. Unlike exit velocity or pitch speed, swing speeds of elite baseball players don’t approach or exceed triple digits. I’m embarrassed for the marketers running ads that promise recreational golfers can become the next tiger woods after learning a “trick” and hitting a bucket of balls. If you hook, you are swinging too flat and hitting the ball on the heel. Face it; pingman has his own life to lead and his own stuff to figure out, and so do i, and so do you. And no matter how rough your golf game may get, sqrdup can withstand it — it’s constructed with anodized aluminum and 545 nm wavelength laser technology (visible in full daylight), which means it should be able to stand up to “years of heavy use. So i hope that gives you guys a good idea of what we're looking for from a set-up position. David mackenzie is another mental coach. Today, there’s no excuse to feel rusty on the first tee during your first round of the season – not even in southwestern ontario.

I think i’ve got a better shot this time. That data was the average collected from a taylormade mat-t system of several hundred 15+ handicaps who slice the ball. I have spent a lot of time snapping my hip as fast as i can and always trying to touch my left knee with my right knee. 34 epic golf swing training videos you’d be crazy not to watch. That doesn’t happen for players who are swinging over the top, however, as those players push the club up and away as they begin the downswing.

Ben hogan believed the two most important aspects to his swing. Trevino really has me fascinated about exactly what he knew about the swing, so i am starting to flick through it. D) the price acts as a great deciding factor for buying golf balls. Eventually, i forgot all about the game and only concerned myself with getting a couple of good strokes together. Through a brilliant yet simple 3d graphic it allows you to review your swing from any angle, measuring the plane on takeaway and downswing.

Counter-balancing seemed wrong to us; it’s doing nothing more than taking feeling out of the head. I like exercises where the resistance is dynamic, alive, ever changing. In mindy's view, the way to get compression is to think about how solid the connection is all the way from the club to the hands to the arms through the body to the legs and feet. Leveon is the clear-cut guy to take 2. However, this advanced home range practice system from callaway allows you to maximize your practice time and master your golfing skills at home.

So that opens the face wide open. 84 may have any suitable dimensions to meet desired stiffness and performance goals. Scenarios like this happen all to often. It also encourages you to create a descending strike through impact. ) they breathe, retain a concentrated focus on their primary target and make an aggressive swing. As duval’s follow-through continues to the finish, we can see a definite rounding action, as if everything is orbiting. Plane, while the two-plane swing features the lead arm at.

) to simply look at the clubface itself. This tutorial will help you understand the motion of the waggle and how to use it to optimize your golf game. You can do this drill while using any of your clubs (other than the putter, obviously), so it is a good idea to take them all with you. Nike has improved their golf equipment line in recent years and their vapor lh speed set is a good indicator to that. Well, don you've got the right idea, generally.

“it’s all about getting comfortable,” spieth said of his putting. Just the same, as far as the most suitable approach and style, it is a certainty that all sports, golf included, have basics that need to be mastered before a personal “signature” style is developed. Just follow the numbers to follow the sequence, and you can even slap a wall hard enough to make some noise as long as you don't hurt yourself:. Try throwing without landing on your front foot, you can't throw very hard can you. At first, i would go up 5- or 10-pounds on each side.

Meaning, i’ve isolated two separate aspects of the. I don't think i could even begin to listen to an argument over which course between the two is more fun, more challenging, and more interesting to play, and for 40% of the price, c'mon. Not push his pelvis over. Learn each of these swing thoughts on the range, then find one that works for you and focus on it:.   many high handicappers take way too much time over the ball and start having bad thoughts about what.

She has one of the most unconventional swings on tour, getting in a semi-squat position in her backswing, only to lift up swiftly on her down swing and pummel the ball. More pressure on the left foot and less on the right foot (for a right-handed golfer). Golf driving, finding the right swing plane. Nothing at home and nothing at school. Further, a waggle can simultaneously be a great way to overcome improper motion of the wrists. Aim your feet slightly right of the target and your club face at the target to hit a draw. -when you elevate your arms, make sure your thumbs are pointing to the ceiling.

So it bugs me a little when there’s not enough of a big deal made when player does something like make a hole-in-one (the 31st of his life) during the masters par-3 tournament last year. This is one of the most basic and yet advanced positions in the golf swing. Height of release of the hammer. "it's not simply the degree of his conduct that is so egregious here," payne said, in his opening speech. Brannon watson is a life long arkansan. States that his a swing simply offers golfers an alternative method of. Just look at this old slo-mo footage of the great bobby jones -- you'll see a very similar motion.

Take the time to locate a ball with the perfect compression for your swing and you should notice an immediate improvement in the quality of the shots coming off of your clubs. Square to the clubhead path (the direction the. If you go the 1 route, get a remote, so you can start the recording when you are ready.